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'Weird Al' Reveals The Hilariously Bizarre Gift His Daughter Got That 'Every Young Woman Wants'

Yankovic's daughter received a very special gift from 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story' production designer Dan Butts during a recent tour of his studio.

'Weird Al' Yankovic
Randy Shropshire/Deadline via Getty Images

Music and comedy icon 'Weird Al' Yankovic knows exactly what "every young woman wants" when it comes to gift-giving. And when it comes to his daughter Nina, it's apparently their own father's melted face that is their heart's desire.

That's the story Yankovic is sticking to anyway, after his colleague gave 20-year-old Nina a very, uh, special gift from the set of last year's parody biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

The cherished keepsake was the melted-face of her father used as a prop in one of the hilariously absurd film's key scenes in which... well, Yankovic's face melts off, as he detailed in the tweet below.

The beautiful, touching gift was given during a tour Nina took of Weird production designer Dan Butts' studio.

As Yankovic wrote on Twitter:

"Dan Butts, the production designer for WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story, just gave my daughter a tour of his studio, and also was nice enough to give her her the exact thing every young woman wants: her father’s melted head in a bucket."

Yankovic included a photo of his daughter along with the melted head in question, shoved into a container just right so that Yankovic's gruesomely melted, yet nonetheless still bespectacled, face is staring up through the lid. Classic.

The prop comes from a scene in Weird in which Yankovic, played by Daniel Radcliffe, and Dr. Demento, the beloved curator of bizarre radio comedy who helped launch Yankovic's career and who was played by Rainn Wilson in the film, take LSD together.

As tends to happen when one is on LSD, Yankovic and Demento have some pretty memorable visions while tripping balls, including the sight of Yankovic's face melting off. Hence the perfectly executed gift Nina will now cherish forever.

On Twitter, fans were definitely tickled by this bizarre and wonderfully gruesome gift.

Aside from being a treasured family heirloom, that bucket of gore may actually become a part of television history when the Emmys happen in September.

Weird is expected to be nominated next month for Outstanding Television Movie and Variety says it's pretty much a lock.

Cherish it always, Nina!