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A 29-year-old upstate New York judge has resigned after sharing an image of a noose on his Facebook page with a message about making America "great again" by making people"fear punishment."

Kyle R. Canning shared the image in February of 2018 not long after taking office as a justice for the Altona Town Court.

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Condolences and fond memories came flooding in after news broke that legendary journalist and author Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs "Cokie" Roberts recently passed away at age 75.

Journalists thanked her for her contribution to their field and the endless amount of people she inspired.

President Donald Trump, however, was holding a grudge.

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The County of Granville

On Monday, Granville County Sheriff Brindell Wilkins was charged with felony obstruction of justice for a murderous plot in 2014.

The Sheriff was accused of attempting to arrange for the killing of a deputy who possessed a tape of Wilkins using "racially offensive language" and planned to release it to the public.

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Imagine being an attractive young British man of color.

You might be fit and handsome enough to get on a popular reality show, like Love Island.

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Warning: contains homophobia and violence

Sean Cormie, a newly out gay man, and his boyfriend, Gary Gardner, were attacked at First Assembly of God in Blackwell, Oklahoma after being lured there by Cormie's family.

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American swimmer Sarah Thomas (Jon Washer/PA)

Our new hero and breast cancer survivor Sarah Thomas has said “illness doesn't have to define you" after she became the first person to swim the English Channel four times without stopping.

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A mum whose 14-day old daughter was “killed by a kiss" after contracting the herpes simplex virus has welcomed a rainbow baby – poignantly born on the first anniversary of her tragic loss.

The sight of doctors removing the machines keeping her baby girl Kiara alive, one by one, on August 13 last year will always be etched into 31-year-old Kelly Ineson's mind.

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