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Well, the annals of Dictators on Horseback just got a dazzling new entry.

Step aside, Vladimir Putin...

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Rich Fury/Getty Images

Stars: They're just like us!

They celebrate Halloween, take their kids to theme parks and get really weirded out when strangers don't respect their personal space.

Who knew‽‽

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Passengers and crew aboard the Princess Cruises' Regal Princess ship recently got an unexpected addition to their cruise itinerary: an at-sea rescue.

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Facebook: Jessica Gonzalez Gomez

And now for something to file away in your "Reminders there's still good in the world" folder!

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Flickr: Open Grid Scheduler; Reddit: u/rlgacs

A favorite pastime of some folks, especially as our nation's economic stratification becomes more and more Dickensian, is to mock the "wage-earners" among us as if they're unimportant dolts.

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Pixabay; Twitter: @BestOfComiics

Hope you like seafood, comic fans, cuz Marvel is about to serve you up some fish!

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Facebook: Oklahoma Game Wardens

Dating is a dangerous game, right? One minute, you're bragging about illegal stuff to your would-be paramour and the next it turns out they're the exact person who can get you in trouble for the illegal stuff you're bragging about!

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