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Sally Field Is Playing Matchmaker for Her Son & Olympian Adam Rippon

Sally Field's son, director and writer Sam Greisman, has a crush of Olympian proportions. So when he sought some advice from his mom after revealing that the object of his affection was American figure skater Adam Rippon, the Oscar-winning actress was all for it.

"Sam...he's insanely pretty. Find a way," she wrote in a text that Greisman later screenshot and posted on Twitter by blurring the identity of his crush.

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People Are Wondering How the Thrilling Competition Name 'Skeleton' Got its Origins

Now that the thrilling skeleton competition sped away into the past this weekend as quickly as it entered the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, viewers are left wondering how the sport that hurtles competitors down an icy track got its macabre name.

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'Black Panther' Has a Bunch of Easter Eggs... Did You Catch Them?

Look closely... they're there

"Black Panther" became the fourth-highest opening day for a superhero movie, bringing in an impressive $75.6 million at the box office between Thursday night and Friday. Superhero fatigue is all but a myth now. But some super fans noticed some hidden gems in the movie. Here are a few of them, thanks to Mashable.

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Racist Trolls Allege 'Black Panther' Audiences Were Assaulted by Black People

Trolls hoping to cripple the performance of Marvel's Black Panther at the box office are spreading fakes news on social media alleging black fans of the movie are attacking audiences.

Racist trolls have stolen photos of real assault victims from different social media accounts, claiming they were attacked at Black Panther screenings, to spread their fake rumors and confirm middle America's worst fears about people who are different.

Warning: The following images are graphic.

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Spanish Commentator Jose Tallada Goes Crazy Over Regino Martin's First Olympic Win Since 1992

Spanish snowboarder Regino Hernandez Martin earned a bronze medal when he took third place in the Men's Snowboard Cross during the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. His victory made headlines back in his homeland of Spain, and it was especially exciting for one sports commentator whose unbridled excitement was captured on video.

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