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Donald Trump and Kanye West's bromance has been a hot topic for a few weeks now.

But while the pair's IRL relationship culminated on news channels in an eminently bizarre meeting in the White House, its real pinnacle has been reached on the streets of Melbourne, Australia – thanks to a graffiti artist called Lush Sux.

Lush Sux's artwork can be found on a wall in a car park on Sydney Road, Brunswick and the artist says it carries one message:

“Vote Drumpf 2024," they told the Press Association.

That's a reference to the Trump parody account on Twitter, Donald J Drumpf, and it is in keeping with Lush Sux's habit of bringing internet culture to life. The Donye image itself being born from a meme.

Twitter users were delighted with this piece:

Many people answered his question with a resounding "yes:"

Not everyone felt that way however:

And this person brought up a good point:

It should come as no surprise that Kanye has decided not to run for president until 2024 in order to give Trump a second term. After all, they are apparently one person now!

Lush Sux has hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitter and Instagram.

Press Association asked what reactions Lush Sux like best from fans.

He said in response:

“I like to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

The subject of Lush Sux's art includes all sorts of public figures:

Since the artist's work in controversial, some fans may be driven away when Lush Sux uses a subject his fans doesn't want to see made fun of. However, it remains unclear whether that has happened. His work is inescapably current.

If you'd like to see more from Lush Sux, check out his accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.

Twitter: @garbagecoven

If you haven't given your times tables a moment's thought since you were in elementary school, then get thinking.

That's because times tables are the hot topic of discussion on Twitter right now – in particular, which simple line of multiplication is the best and why?

The conversation was started by Twitter user @garbagecoven, who gave the subject all the passion and associated filthy language you never knew it deserved.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently on a magical tour of Australia, attending fancy events and meeting koalas.

At the first event of their 16-day tour, Meghan stepped out in a glowing white dress that shocked the internet.

Twitter has a huge crush on Meghan, and people adored this dress.

Little-known Sydney fashion designer Karen Gee received praise for the dress.

Apparently her website crashed as a result. Whoops!

Meghan just announced her first pregnancy, so speculation (and jokes) ran wild about her baby bump.

Congratulations to the expecting parents... and designer Karen Gee for her newfound success.

Keep your eyes peeled, because Meghan and Harry aren't done lighting up Australia yet. Meghan's probably got a couple more stunning dresses ready to impress for later this week!

H/T: People, NBC

Every now and then, the internet comes up with a thing that just makes sense. And 2018 has been chock full of them.

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Sarah Palin is ranting and raving about "censorship" after Instagram removed a questionable meme she posted featuring her son with Down Syndrome.

The image compared liberal protesters to Palin's 10-year-old son Trig, who's seen crying in the apparently homemade meme:


The former vice presidential candidate was furious with Instagram's decision, posting this rant once her meme was deleted:

Yikes...where to start?

Palin compared Instagram's removal of the meme to "lynching" and called parent company Facebook "nauseating" and "downright evil."

Her furious rant covered lots of political ground, resulting in her randomly bashing Obama for good measure.

But many online thought Palin's meme was in poor taste.

Palin faced a nasty backlash, with critics also attacking her parenting of older son Trap.

Let's be clear: using your disabled son as a political prop to "own the libs" isn't cool or funny.

Palin can grandstand about censorship all she likes, but her post was deemed offensive by Instagram's moderation team. As a former governor and vice presidential candidate, Palin should conduct herself with dignity, tact and poise.

Instead, she turned the entire internet against her with this ridiculous meme. Big mistake!

H/T: Daily Mail, Newsweek

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Noted media personality and "journalist" Piers Morgan has never shied away from sharing his opinions, and now he's taking a stand I guess? I'm honestly not sure what he's babbling about...but he is NOT backing down!

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There may be a ghoul wandering around Donald Trump's White House...and we're not talking about any member of his adminsitration! During an appearance on NBC's Today Show, Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former President George W. Bush, told a spooky tale of her haunted encounter in the first family's residence.

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