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For many people, great white sharks are the true terror of the deep. (We can thank the effect Peter Benchley's Jaws had on popular culture for much of that.)

Great whites have no known natural predators and they are responsible for the largest number of reported and identified human fatalities, unprovoked (even if we're not its meal its choice). Divers off the coast of Hawaii just got the closest we've ever been to one of these apex predators––and it is possibly the largest on record.

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For anyone unfamiliar with the very public disaster that was Fyre Festival, it was supposed to be an exclusive music festival in the Bahamas that promised luxury accommodations and catering.

What festival-goers actually found when they arrived were repurposed FEMA tents and prepackaged meals, and a construction site instead of a concert venue.

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A video showing a 27-year-old man jumping off the side of a cruise ship has gone viral, but not without some serious consequences.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) just released their list of "Ten threats to global health in 2019". None of the threats come at a great surprised, however one in particular re-confirms what we've known all along.

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Well, this seems counterintuitive.

A man in Vietnam was rushed to the hospital and it was found he was dying of alcohol poisoning. Nguyen Van Nhat had fallen unconscious on Christmas Day. Doctor's found that he had 1,000 times the recommended limit of methanol in his body. To save his life, they pumped him full of beer; 15 in total.

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We're bombarded by advertisements these days. Whether it's TV commercials, billboards, or ads on social media platforms, they are unavoidable. Now a Russian start up wants to make them even more unavoidable.

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Does your eyesight sometimes make it difficult to search for things? Need some help reading some smaller text? Have you completely forgotten the magnifier function exists on your iPhone?

Yes, that's right, your iPhone has a built in feature to make real world text easier to read. The magnifier function does what the name suggests, but also has a few other tricks.

It's nice for the reminder.

The function is enabled in the "Settings" menu, under "General" and then "Accessibility" where you'll find "Magnifier". Once you turn that option on, you can triple click your home button (or the side button if you have an iPhone X or newer) to activate it, or add the tool to your Control Center for easier access.

While it's true you can use the camera's zoom for a similar purpose, this mode has some special functionality baked in. The mode places the flash control in easy reach, and has a freeze frame so you don't have to keep the phone held up to whatever you're looking at.

Additionally, there's a filters button to allow you to adjust the contrast or invert colors quickly. While it's very possible to perform most of these actions with the Camera app and an image editor, having them in easy access makes the process so much easier.

The accessibility feature is pretty useful.

While we often take the smart devices we use all the time for granted, engineers put a lot of work into making our smart phones smarter than we give them credit. Last November, people were reminded of the iPhone's cursor trick by holding down the spacebar and moving the cursor around.

There's a lot our phones can do, so it's easy to forget some features. Take the time to remind yourself so when the situation arises, you won't be stuck searching for your reading glasses.