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Alissa Nutting's Little Girl Upset Because Her Dentist Wasn't a Woman

Screenwriter Alyssa Nutting tweeted about her daughter crying at the dentist office. Because other than inhaling laughing gas and getting into a giggling fit, what other emotion would you expect from a vulnerable child subjected to sharp instruments and drilling sounds?

This girl's anxiety stemmed from a bigger threat. Much to her dismay, the dentist was a man, and her confusion over the lack of a female dentist tending to her sparked a fiery conversation online about gender representation in American healthcare.

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Woman Brings Her Pet Raccoon to Indianapolis Fire Station Because It Was Too Stoned

Indianapolis firefighters were disrupted in the middle of the night by a bizarre solicitation for help concerning a raccoon that may have been exposed to an excessive amount of marijuana.

The frantic owner brought her stoned critter to Station 82 at 2 a.m. and told attending EMTs her domesticated pet needed immediate attention.

She didn't know where else to turn.

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Huge Accumulation of Tumbleweeds Overwhelm Victorville in California Due to High Winds

An invasion of tumbleweeds engulfed a high dessert community in Southern California, leaving a pileup that practically buried some homes up to the second floor windows.

Homeowners in the small city of Victorville, San Bernardino County, California suffered a rude awakening early Monday morning when they realized they had their yard work cut out for them due to a massive accumulation of the prickly bushes barricading them inside.

Some residents were forced to call 911 for help.

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Nationwide Manhunt Underway for Minnesota Grandmother Wanted for Double Murder & Identity Theft

She's on the lam, armed, and dangerous.

A 56-year-old grandmother wanted for identity theft and double murder is now the subject of a nationwide manhunt.

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500-Year-Old Scottish Castle Forced to Shut Down Due to 'Very Angry Badger'

For one glorious day, Craignethan Castle in Scotland must have felt like it did during the old days—the site of an epic battle, with heroic forces facing off for control of each hall and turret! During the dark ages, the competing forces would be armored knights, but in our modern era the warriors are even more exciting: a group tourists and one "very angry badger."

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