Singapore Researchers Create Robot That Can Assemble IKEA Furniture

If you're in your mid-20's and haven't spent a desperate night tipsily trying to assemble what certainly SEEMS to be an ordinary, straightforward chair from Swedish furniture giant IKEA, then you must be living in an apartment full of tables and couches on the verge of collapse because there's no way you're doing it right. IKEA furniture is known for two things: its affordable price and its difficult assembly process. Apparently a team of researchers in Singapore were so fed up with trying to track down the endless screws and pegs hidden inside the dozen (or so) plastic bags that they decided to just design a robot to build IKEA furniture for them.

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The Washington Post/Getty Images

Massachusetts School Bans the Use of Term 'Best Friend'

We all remember the elementary school drama surrounding who was whose "best friend." In an effort to avoid these tiffs, however, Pentucket Workshop Preschool in Massachusetts is taking a bit of an extreme step: banning the term altogether.

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(Carrie w/YouTube, @amc91355/Twitter)

Amazon's Echo Now Has the Ability to Talk Dirty With the New 'Alexa Skill Blueprints' Upgrade

Artificial Intelligence has evolved to converse with you based on your customization, including the ability to engage in some dirty talk.

Amazon announced the new Alexa Skill Blueprints upgrade, and mischievous consumers are taking advantage of giving the A.I. a sassy personality.

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(John Moore/Getty Images, @abike1999/Twitter)

Video of Kimberly Hardin's 7-Year-Old Boy Being Dragged Off a Memphis School Bus Goes Viral

A teacher from Robert R. Church Elementary School in Shelby County is under investigation for violently dragging a 7-year-old boy off a school bus after stopping a scuffle among students.

The incident, which went from bad to worse, happened on April 12 and was recorded on video. The teacher yanked the boy from his seat by the ankles as the child cried out, "Get your hands off me!"

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Bajau Divers Can Hold Their Breath Longer Due to Larger Spleens From Genetic Mutation

If you have an opportunity to accompany the Bajau fisherman during one of their underwater excursions, be prepared to hold your breath for a very long time.

Members of the tribe are known as nomadic sea gypsies from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, who are endowed with excellent diving abilities with the capability to stay submerged for minutes at a time.

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