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Hate crimes have been prominent in the news lately, with the recent Christchurch shooting in New Zealand as an unfortunate example of the lengths people will go to harm those who are different from themselves.

A recent report from The Washington Post, conducted by researchers from the University of North Texas, showed that there was a significant increase in hate crimes in areas where a certain then-presidential candidate had held rallies during his campaign.

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Ads for bathtub trays have been around since, well, there have been bathtubs and advertising. (I mean, I can only surmise. Honestly, who has the time?) They portray bathtubs as perfect safe havens within the home, complete with artfully arranged trays with all the amenities one needs for a relaxing afternoon in soothingly perfumed water.

Everything changed, however, when Twitter user Sharon Su (@doddlyroses) pointed out how most women would NEVER arrange their bathtub trays the way they're shown in the ads.

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After a first date from hell, a sexual assault survivor gets real on Twitter as she breaks things down for her mansplaining date.

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When Twitter user @meggzsalad's Nintendo Wii wouldn't display in color on her TV, she was at a loss.

Not sure who else to turn to, she wrote in her Tinder bio:

"someone PLEASE help me with my wii its only showing in black and white im very serious abt this"
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If you are a seasoned dater then you probably have a few Exes, and some might not be so nice. People share their worst exes and what made them so memorable.

u/ysquaredwhynot asks:

What's your ex from hell story?

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Every year, the Varkey Foundation awards the Global Teacher Prize. The $1 million prize is given to a teacher who has made an "outstanding contribution to the profession," anywhere in the world. The nomination process is open to anyone, and the Varkey Foundation makes its choice based on a variety of factors.

This year, the foundation chose Peter Tabichi, a math and physics teacher from Kenya—the first African educator to win the award!

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Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani Al-Jamil on The Good Place, took to Twitter on Sunday, March 24th, to tell a disheartening story about a not-so-rare encounter she had with a man who wanted to date her.

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