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Video Of Chiropractor Giving A Six-Day-Old Baby A Spinal Adjustment Sparks Heated Debate

A video is making the rounds on Tiktok and has inspired a lot of discussion both on that platform and over on Twitter.

In the video, a practitioner at ProHealth Chiropractic in Texas is seen using a chiropractor tool on a baby's back.

The infant was reportedly just 6-days-old.


Right at 6 days old, Carter got his 1st adjustment and LOVED IT🤩💚💙 #newborn #pediatricchiropractor #lovingit #babyadjustment

Reactions were half and half, with negative thoughts on the idea of infants getting chiropractic adjustments on one side and personal stories of chiropractors working on infants on the other.

First, the nay-side.


But others shared their personal positive experiences with chiropractors.



At least that newborn has some very relaxed muscles now.