In 1999, an episode of The Simpsons aired entitled "Viva Ned Flanders," in which Homer Simpsons and his neighbor Ned Flanders take a trip to Las Vegas. Right before the two were shown waking up hungover in a hot tub, the Stanley Cup is shown lying on the floor of their hotel room, making people wonder whether the hit animated series, again, predicted the future.

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Instagram user Emanuele Ferrari, a.k.a. Emi, isn't afraid to lampoon celebrities and other high-profile personalities.

With Internet trolling putting a damper on the social media user's experience, Emanuele's lampooning is in jest and far from malicious. In fact, his mockery of celebrity fashion through crafting expertise is downright hysterical.

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New York straphangers are very familiar with the notorious MTA subway that is anything but efficient. Endless hours of maintenance and unpredictable malfunctions plague the hundred-year-old mass transit system and frequent repairs seem futile.

What's the solution? One company suggested that private interests should save the MTA.

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