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Deplorables Choir/YouTube; @BlackJohnRoss/Twitter

The Deplorables Choir—a trio of women in MAGA hats that ask people on YouTube to send them money via PayPal so they can "ROCK" the entertainment industry—just released their latest song.

"Real Women Vote For Trump" is a feast for the senses, full of intelligent lyrical phrases and sweeping melodies.

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After racist attacks from President Donald Trump against progressive women of color in Congress, video resurfaced of the President's history with Native Americans.

For those of us in Indian Country, racist attacks from Trump are old news going back to the 1990s.

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Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images; FatCamera/Getty Images; @cosmyra64/Twitter

Dutch airline KLM has come under fire for requesting breastfeeding mothers cover up to prevent other passengers being offended.

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