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'Days Of Our Lives' Moving To Streaming After 57 Years On NBC
Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

NBC's recent decision to move its long-running show Days of Our Lives to the streaming platform Peacock has people commenting on how well the show's mostly older viewership will make the transition.

Day of Our Lives has been broadcast for 57 years on NBC during the daytime, racking up a steady—and steadily aging—viewership who will now need to make the leap to streaming or give up on the show all together.

If you've ever tried to help your mom hook up a new smart TV or helped your dad find his list of passwords notebook "somewhere in this desk," you can guess how well this switch to streaming might go.

The children of long-time Days of Our Lives fans took to Twitter to comment on the switch.

It's not just the possible technology confusion which will wind up in frantic phone calls about passwords that worried Twitter.

Some pointed out streaming often costs money, while broadcast shows do not.

Still others reacted with dismay at this continued trend of shows moving to streaming.

However, after the initial reaction, some older Twitter users came to defend their contemporaries.

Assuming everyone over 60 is computer illiterate is rather ageist.

In the back-and-forth about the network's decision to move to Peacock and streaming, some expressed hope for how this change might be for the better.

Can you imagine catching up on a 57-year backlog of a show?

Talk about a binge...

Let's hope NBC's bet on "ever-loyal daytime TV crowd" viewership pays off—and the children and grandchildren of those viewers are prepared to do some ad-hoc IT help.