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Mom Goes Viral After Sharing 5-Year-Old Son's Brutally Honest Birthday Invitation—And It's Genius

TikToker Natalie LeClaire couldn't help but share the 'most hilarious birthday invitation I have ever seen' that her son brought home.

Screenshots from Nat Lele's TikTok video.

A mom from Ontario, Canada, was inspired to share "the best birthday party invitation that has ever existed" that her 5-year-old son received.

She found it to be hysterical because of its brutal honesty and said the mother who wrote it was someone she could be friends with.

Natalie LeClaire posted a TikTok video of herself reading and reacting to the funny invite.

It turns out others also found it to be hilarious. The clip racked up over 5 million views by Friday.

LeClaire said:

"My son has come home with the most hilarious birthday invitation I have ever seen and I need to share it."

She went on to read the message on the card.

"This event is brought to you by Pinterest fails and the Dollar Store so please set your expectations appropriately."
"As requested the theme will be ‘unicorns but with rainbows and maybe bats but there should be princesses and also Minnie and we need dancing lights,’ so … dress accordingly.”
“Please pack a bathing suit, sunscreen, puddle jumpers etc. in case your sweet baby angels decide our original plan sucks and the pool would be a better time."

Here is the full clip.

The invite also had options for the parents bringing their kids to the party.

LeClaire particularly appreciated the following bit where the writer said the "quiet part out loud."

She continued reading:

"If you would like to drop off and run, we support that entirely."
"If you want to stay, we will provide ‘adult juice’ and deny any offers to help to be polite but deep down want the support."
“You do you.”

Here is a screenshot of the invitation.


At the end of the clip she said:

"Needless to say, we will be absolutely attending."
"because these are my people. This is the kind of mom I can be friends with."

The invitation was also a hit with other TikTokers.







LeClaire recalled the moment she saw the invitation.

She told Today:

“I opened his backpack and there was a birthday invitation in there."
“I started reading it and my jaw dropped. It was so honest and straight up. I was like, ‘I need to be friends with this person.’"

LeClaire also appreciated the detail about parents dropping off their kids being okay.

She noted:

"There's always that uncertainty."

Carys Roberts, the mom who penned the hysterical invite for her twin daughters' birthday party, also spoke to Today and said she was, "flattered," about all the positive feedback.

She explained she "whipped" up the invitation quickly and hoped to amuse the parents reading it.

Roberts said:

“Ultimately, I just didn't want anyone to stress about gifts."

Her twin girls, Edie and Elle, turn 5 in July.

She added:

"The last thing we want is for people to be spending a lot of money. We're really low-key."
“I’ve received a lot of great feedback and I’m truly thrilled that people thought the invitation was so relatable and funny.”

In a follow-up video, LeClaire said of Roberts:

"I think we're gonna hit it off like besties right from day 1."

LeClaire promised TikTokers she will be posting a follow-up from the birthday party–where she said she will "bring adult juice to share."