12 Fun Pool Floats for Adults for the Perfect Pool Party

Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float / Amazon

Hot summer days are all about staying cool, and a pool is a perfect way to enjoy the heat. Sometimes grownups deserve to have some fun in the sun. So, we rounded up the best pool floats for adults for all those people who want to take advantage of the last summer days before Pumpkin Spice Lattes are sweeping the nation. Whether you're looking for pool floats for adults with a cup holder for a bachelorette party, we got it all here.

Plus, these amazing floats have some cool gadgets. These include everything from cup holders for those strawberry margaritas to coconut-shaped beach balls for impromptu volleyball games and more. We even have pool floats specifically for the snacks and drinks, cause we all know those are the real priorities.

Pool parties tend to center around kids. But, as we grow up we realize that there is more to a summer party than water guns and popsicles. Although, we can still use water guns and eat popsicles because honestly they are delicious. So, whether you're a "lay-down-and read-a-book-by-the-pool" type of person, or a "water gun-and-water polo" type, these pool floats are perfect for you!

I don't know about you but I'm ready to float away riding a unicorn. Hopefully while sipping on a pina colada and dreaming about cooler days. And, just as a PSA, remember to use SPF.

Jasonwell Inflatable Avocado Pool Float Floatie with Ball

For the avocado toast lover, this pool raft also has a beach ball in the shape of the avocado pit. So, you can get more for your buck while playing volleyball or beach ball boogie. This is perfect for al those millennials that keep up with the trends because we all know that we do love some avocado on everything. Plus, guac is the perfect pool party snack!


Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

We all want to be a fairy princess. If anyone denies it, they're lying. So, whether you're inspired by your wildest "Barbie as Rapunzel" dreams (because we all know that is the best Barbie movie). Or, just want an excuse to wear a tiara, this float is perfect for all. So, if you've been dreaming of an enchanted swimming pool. This giant unicorn will make all your fairy princess dreams come true. I named mine Manolo the unicorn.


Diamond Ring Pool Float

Summer is wedding season, but for all those brides who decided to get married in the fall, summer is bachelor/bachelorette party season. Which in my opinion, is way more fun. This float is perfect for a bachelorette party, just add the bubbly and you're set. This is also perfect for a budget-friendly bachelorette bash! And, we're sure that the wedding party will certainly appreciate that.


JOYIN Giant Inflatable Swim Tube Raft

Pool parties traditionally include a bunch of people, so you might want to consider floats that come as a package. These tube pool floats are the perfect fruity set for a colorful party. Each person can pick their favorite fruit, and enjoy the festivities. Although, we understand most people will fight for the strawberry. They are also perfect for those Insta group pics!


HANMUN Giant Inflatable Pineapple

Speaking of using your favorite fruit as a floating device. This adorable pineapple is exactly what you'll need to match those delicious pina coladas. Pineapples are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Which means you'll get the perfect Instagram moment. Plus, you can use the leaves on top as a pillow and take a floating pool nap. It seems like the perfect accessory for the pool.


Vickea Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder

Now, this pool float is not exactly for us people. It is meant for something much more important, our drinks. After all, we can probably just stand in the pool, but our drinks will definitely need some sort of floating device. This rainbow serves as a floating island for your favorite refreshments. Now you can access the chips, beer, and ice cream without having to look for the nearest towel! Trust me, it's a game-changer.


Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float

There is nothing that belongs in the water more than mermaids. They are literally half human half fish. So, for those who want to be "part of that world," this float will have you talking to your goldfish. Although, we really hope you're not expecting the fish to respond.


Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops

Not everyone is into lounging around and floating in a pool. Some of us like a little more competition and activities. So, this volleyball net and basketball hoops will keep everyone entertained. The set includes hoops, the net, and a ball. So, it's perfect for both adults and children. These will definitely ensure everyone has a great time. As long as there aren't any sore losers.


Norbase Inflatable Drink Floats Holder Cup

Whenever I'm at a party I spend at least a cumulative hour figuring out which drink is mine and trying my hardest to remember where was the last place I put my cup. These are perfect for distracted people such as me! Everyone can pick their own holders so you won't be drinking out of someone else's cup. Because that is kind of gross to be completely honest.


Hill & Amber Palm Tree Pool Float with A Detachable Play Ball

Again, this is basically a two-for-the-price-of-one toy. Because the best buys have multiple uses. This dreamy oasis has it's own palm tree, and a beach ball in the shape of a coconut. Yes, it is in fact adorable. This pool float will make you feel like you're floating on a private island while playing with an inflatable coconut. And, that honestly sounds like the dream.


FUDOSAN Inflatable Boat Raft Collision

This is my favorite, and honestly the most fun out of all the toys. It basically consists of you hitting and humiliating one of your friends in the name of fun in the sun. Basically, you sit on an inflatable "log" and use an inflatable raft to hit each other. See who can last longer in the floating log while trying to push one of your friends into the water. Seems like the perfect game for a party! Plus, you can turn it into a drinking game. Whoever falls first has to drink.


Intex Mega Flamingo Pool Float

Flamingos are fun. They are pink, and pretty, and sleep in one leg which is a level of balance I will never achieve. Basically, they are awesome. Anyone who disagrees can just look for a different pool party because I am incredibly passionate about this. They eat shrimp and turn pink! That is the cutest thing. So, yeah, if I can hang out around the pool on a giant flamingo, I'm gonna do it.


There is nothing better than a good barbecue and pool party mix. And, sometimes adults deserve to go all out with inflatable toys. Whether you like unicorns or basketball hoops, floats are a great way to take a party to the next level. Plus, they are not expensive!

So, light up the frill and make some burgers, guac and get those margarita makers and pina coladas ready because that's all you need to make this the best end of the summer pool party!

Which pool floats for adults would you pick?

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September 31


One time I was asking students their birthdays. One boy told me that his birthday was September 31st. I tried to explain that this was not possible, but he insisted. Later, I looked it up. I then informed him that his birthday was November 17th.

He looked at me kind of confused and said "ohhhh." Then his face brightened and he said, "Well, last year I KNOW it was September 31st!"

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I teach elementary band. One time we were preparing for a challenging playing test and a student said: "Man, I need to practice."

Without missing a beat the kid next to him says "My mom says I need Jesus."

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Shown Up By A 5th Grader


Was tutoring after-school a couple years ago. A kid asked "What time is it?"

I joked "Time for you to get a watch."

He responded "Time for you to get a new joke" without a moment's hesitation.

I had to laugh at getting shown up by a 5th grader. Two reading levels behind but witty as hell.

- Garlic_And_Sapphires


I had a student who was a newcomer (just moved to the US, almost no English) from Latvia. This kid is very bright and was one of my favorite 6th graders ever. We were having our annual jogathon, which is linguistically and culturally not translatable from Latvian.

Student: "So I pay you and you make me run?"

Me: "Yeah, that's actually how it goes."

Student: "This is simple. I don't pay you, you don't make me run."

Me: "uhhhh...."

- estrogyn


Middle school field trip to a different state. One of the chaperones (a large black woman) wanted to get in a little nap in the back seat of the bus, so she made one of the students move to a seat in the front that was far from his friends. He got in the seat and started sulking. He was normally a pretty lively kid, so I leaned forward and asked what happened.

To which he replied: "I think I just got reverse Rosa Parks-ed!"

- almost_queen

The Moon


I teach sophomores. One day, this girl was sitting at her desk, looking very concerned, and obviously wanted to ask me something. Finally, she blurted out, "Did anybody else see the moon in the sky during lunch? It's supposed to be out at night, something is wrong!"

- cubfanbybirth


Teacher to student: "Were you in class yesterday?"

Student, sounding more lost than anything and probably answering too honestly: "Physically... ?"

It wasn't so much an attempt at humor as just the summation of how we all felt in that class, one of those "it's funny because it's too true" things... we all were showing up, we were all sitting in the class physically... but being there? That was another question...

- Allisade

The Ladies

First grade. 6 yr. old lil dude about 3 ft. tall and 80 lbs. walks in late from recess.

Me - "Why are you late?"

Kid - grabs his hunk of belly with both hands like a ball of cream cheese and says "The ladies love this!"

Sits down like nothing happen with no smile.

- BoBoShaws



He asked me "If a synchronized swimmer starts drowning, do they all start drowning?"

I lost it in class.

- bunsenbernerr

It's A Miracle

I teach high school, and one of my sophomores referred to merry-go-rounds as "miracle rounds". He legit thought that's what they were called 😂😂 I corrected him and he refused to believe me lol.

- royalredhead

The Pizza Guy

I was sharing information about math in art to my students (they're about 13 years old) and mentioned Leonardo da Vinci. A student said: "The pizza guy?"

I was confused, but later she said, "See! The pizza party!"

We were looking at The Last Supper.

- catpflug



"I thought Astronomy would be easy because I know all about it but he hasn't even brought up horoscopes yet and we're 6 weeks in."

- chrisrayn

Budget Cuts

I teach band. One day I'm working with the high school jazz band and we're going to start mapping out some basic compositions. I pass out blank sheet music for them to use, which is simply blank 5-line staves with no notes, no symbols, etc.

One kid gets his sheet music expecting it to be a new song we're going to work on, sees that it's blank, looks up and says "Wow, budget cuts must've hit us hard, huh?"

- SquirrelSanctuary

Life Choices

Math prof. I finished a proof and to check understanding, I asked "does everyone understand my choices?" One of my favorite students ever piped up and said "Are we talking about your proof or how you've chosen to live your life?"

- coldstainlessnail



Wore a Captain America shirt to school since the student council had a super hero day. A student said I looked like Captain America - before the super soldier injections.

- numero1uno

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