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If you are a seasoned dater then you probably have a few Exes, and some might not be so nice. People share their worst exes and what made them so memorable.

u/ysquaredwhynot asks:

What's your ex from hell story?

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Guys are already so weird about girl things. But honestly, y'all have no idea of everything we go through everyday. We could keep our secrets, but sharing them is more fun. Dudes aren't ready.

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The last straw should be a life mantra. It probably already is, especially when it comes to our careers. It's unfortunate that life is life and finding the dream job isn't always part a guaranteed part of the life plan. Bills have to be paid, food needs to bought in order to survive, so sometimes we suck it up with jobs that drive us beyond the point of crazy. But eventually that moment is going to occur. That time when the situation or the people you work with bring you beyond the brink and you know... THIS IS IT!!!

Redditor u/GameHackBot wanted to hear some crazy stories dealing with career changes by asking... Workers of reddit, when have you said "F**k this, I quit?"

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