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Woman Floored To Discover Her Husband Has Been Writing Secret Notes In Her Shoes For Six Years

It's easy to feel like love is dead lately.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet are done. Guys are ignoring their dates to play living room golf. Even tortoises are out here breaking up after 115 year relationships.

We wouldn't blame you if you've given up on love entirely. Evidence isn't looking so great.

Or at least it wasn't until a woman on TikTok changed everything with her old shoes.

Anna Mellor picked up a nearly-new pair of sneakers from Poshmark - a website that allows users to resell their clothing, shoes, etc.

Her husband cleaned the white Fila sneakers for her, but she noticed dark marks inside the bright white lining.

Curious, she took a closer look and saw that it was writing. So she loosened the laces to read what it said.

Anna was met with adorable wordplay:

"I Fila lot better when ur around."

Thinking she had just stumbled on the previous owners weirdly adorable love story, she called her husband to share the cuteness... only to find out she had stumbled on her own weirdly adorable love story, already in progress - for six years!

When she explained finding the note, her husband responded with a long pause and then asked her: "Are you serious?"

His shock wasn't about the note in her shoe. His shock was in the fact that this was the first note she had seen.

He's been writing little notes in her shoes since they got married - six years ago.

This wasn't a strangers love note she accidentally bought on the internet. This was a note to her - one of many - and she had apparently missed them all until now. She was getting loved right down to her toes daily and didn't notice.

Anna didn't believe him at first. As far as she was concerned, there was no way she could have missed messages in her shoes. Especially not for six years.

So she ran to grab another pair and sure enough... the evidence was right there in writing.

Apparently, Anna's husband thought she had noticed the "footnotes" and just never said anything about it? But he kept writing them anyway.

She hadn't planned on shooting any video that day, so she was far from camera ready, but Anna needed to let the world know what she found.

And so this video was born.


Me thinking it was a love letter for someone else has same energy as when Rory was proposing and I thought the ring was somebody else’s that got lost at the beach😂😂

Which sent the internet into an awe-splosion. (understandably)










So listen, love might not work out for celebrities, tinder dates, or tortoises... but it's far from dead.