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South Africans Are Roasting Americans With Hilarious #AmericaCanIAsk Questions 😂

South Africans Are Roasting Americans With Hilarious #AmericaCanIAsk Questions 😂
Getty Images: Katja Forster, @TjoviTjoH/Twitter

A new hashtag is trending in South Africa as Twitter users there express their frustration with the way they're stereotyped by people in the United States. Using #AmericaCanIAsk, they're revealing the truth about what life is like for many South Africans while outing American biases in the most hilarious way possible.

The responses were gold.

Other questions seemed to revolve more around minor cultural differences.

Of course, many misconceptions about Africa seemed to stem from its portrayal in Hollywood movies.

Fun fact: lions aren't easy to find.

Of course, many of these truths vary from country to country in Africa...something many Americans ignore.

Some Twitter users broke out the hardcore questions:

It's time Africa got its fare share of movie madness!

Several Twitter users had a problem with the way America declares themselves "World Champions."

Several African Twitter users found themselves asking the same questions we ask ourselves every day.

Hopefully we can all continue using the internet to better understand each other's cultures, instead of just for dumb memes. Fingers crossed!