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Twitter user/world super-criminal La Bronze James went online to ask his followers a question that would reveal some of the worst things humanity has ever seen.

She asked:

"What are your favorite weird food combinations?"

That's when Twitter started burning to the ground.

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Just as the actual 2020 elections are beginning to pick up steam, with candidates beginning to visit the early caucus states to make good impressions, VEEP, HBO's farcical look into the life of Vice President Selina Meyer, has begun its final season.

To help advertise the VP's last outing, in which she will be running for President once again, the show took out multiple full page ads in an Iowa newspaper.

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Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish has had a rough run recently, battling injuries and a rocky start to his first season with the team.

Though the Cubs managed to snag their first win of the season this past April 15, Darvish also managed a slightly embarrassing feat which has been seldom, if ever, seen in professional baseball: he managed to hit three different people with one 99 m.p.h. pitch.

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