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After his wife was killed at the Walmart shooting in El Paso, the city rallied behind Antonio Basco to support him as he grieved after the funeral home performing the services revealed Basco had no other family in El Paso.

Basco slept in his wife's car, a blue Ford Escape, in the Walmart parking lot for a week to be near his wife's memorial cross after a mass shooter took the life of his wife, Margie Reckard. Hours after her funeral, however, the car was stolen.

The thief crashed Margie's Escape, breaking Basco's heart.

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There are many who still doubt that extremist political rhetoric being spread by far right conservatives in the United States is having a tangible impact on our culture.

But every day, disturbing hate-fueled incidents seem to be cropping up at an alarming frequency.

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Though America most definitely has a gun problem, most gun owners are law-abiding citizens who understand the responsibility that comes with carrying a weapon.

Reddit user King_B_Man122 is one such person.

Unfortunately, at a park, he encountered a stranger who didn't share his wisdom and the exchange was cringey enough to go viral on the subreddit r/EntitledParents.

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