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Samir Mezrahi is the brilliant mind behind the hilarious Kale Salad Twitter account as well as the creator of the blank song that will save you the embarrassment that comes when plugging your phone into a car's audio system. His latest invention is tRuLy SpEcTaCuLaR.

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Reddit user u/GeekyKirby wanted to get something for their boyfriend for his birthday, but he said not to get him anything because it is so close to Christmas, so they decided it was time to get creative.

When asked what they bought him, u/GeekyKirby replied:

I pre-ordered him a game [Kingdom Hearts III], and bought him a shirt and a book he wanted :) ...I also filled up his living room floor with balloons...

It seems minor mischief is a common theme in their relationship:

Thank you. :) At this point, I can't really surprise my boyfriend anymore. And I try lol. Like the time I secretly put googly eyes on everything in his fridge...

Oh, and they made him this Pikachu cake. You know, nbd.

Users were impressed by u/GeekyKirby's piping skills. Also, the hate for fondant icing is real!

Nicely done and without fondant! r/FondantHate - Patiod
Today was a bad day on reddit if you genuinely want fondant to not be a thing. Just kidding. But fuck fondant, for real. - mimomusic
We over at r/fondanthate love your buttercream meme! - cherrylpk
This is one of the best things I've ever seen on Reddit! - backfromthedead
You're a very thoughtful and creative girlfriend! <3 - mediaclone
I'd have a hard time eating this, very cute. - FrontierFrance210
A meme!?!?!? On a cake!?!??!?!?!?!Now i've seen everything! - Indetermination

A few were also a bit envious.

This cake looks AWESOME, great job!
Side note: Here's hoping that 2019 will bless me with some manflesh to do nice things like this for too 🤞🏽- black_heart85
Hehe this gave me a good chuckle this morning. Now wish I had a boyfriend so I could do this to them. - MidnightMadness21

Making something for someone is a great way to show them you love them.

The best birthday present I ever got was from a girl who baked me a cake secretly. So thanks for doing that for him, I know I'd feel great about it. - Levitr0n

Others have found inventive ways to use the meme as well:



Latte Art:

Even An Essay:

The fact that Surprised Pikachu is still around in 2019 really speaks to its universal appeal and ease of use. People will surely keep coming up with inventive ways to use the meme.

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