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If you're a hardcore Trump-supporter, there's no better place to have your wedding than one of his golf clubs.

A New Jersey couple having a MAGA-themed wedding (yes, really) at Trump's Bedminster resort even went so far as to tuck Trump 2020 flags into the brides dress.

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Jerry Foxhoven, former head of Iowa's Department of Human Services (DHS), was asked to resign his position in June.

This request came shortly after Foxhoven sent an organization-wide email celebrating Father's Day and Tupac's birthday, which happened to be on the same day.

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Just because one boasts of their impressive library collection doesn't automatically make them an educated scholar, especially if they haven't read any of the books.

A gentleman known under the Twitter handle "The Righteous Pumpkin Trebuchet" attempted to mansplain Russian history, failed miserably and retreated to obscurity after being shut down by the historian he tried to lecture.

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Video of an irate man going on a misogynist rant in an NYC bagel shop recently went viral.

The internet labeled him "Bagel Boss Guy" and turned him into a meme almost instantaneously.

But instead of shying away from his infamy, the Bagel Guy seems to be leaning into it.

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Drug smuggling is no new practice.

It is the cause of much violence and is the center of numerous television dramas.

However, a recent cocaine smuggling attempt took a much more comedic turn.

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Family can be complicated.

Sharing DNA with someone doesn't automatically create a good relationship.

And it certainly doesn't mean that they're a good person.

Our society expects that families always have to be there for each other though, and that people should go to extremes to help their families out.

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Singer-songwriter Grimes has detailed her training regime as she is announced as the face of Stella McCartney x Adidas's sustainability-inspired Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. And confessed some other less conventional methods of dealing with seasonal affective disorder.

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