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Press Association Images - Sussex Police

An 11-year-old girl has scared off an armed robber by throwing bread at him with her father.

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Joe Heller, who was born in 1937, spent his entire life embroiled in a battle of pranks with his brothers and sisters.

As he grew up, the war of jokes continued amongst his children and extended family.

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Press Association Images - Jacopo Zotti (Guggenheim Museum 2016)

Police are searching for a solid gold toilet stolen from the birthplace of Winston Churchill. Valued at £1 million (around $1,242,615 USD) and installed as part of an art exhibition at Blenheim Palace, the 18-carat toilet was taken in the early hours of Saturday, Thames Valley Police said.

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Marc Abrahams presides over the annual Ig Nobel awards ceremony at Harvard University (Elise Amendola/AP)

The study of French postmen's testicles has won a scientist a spoof Nobel prize.

The Ig Nobel awards, which celebrate weird, odd and head-scratching scientific discoveries, were handed out at an annual ceremony last Thursday.

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have shared a bizarre video of themselves kissing.

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Sharon Gauthier/Facebook

An Ontario man recently got the shock of a lifetime when a commercial truck in front of him suddenly veered off the road and shot up onto the roof of a house.

Sharon Gauthier says her husband, Denis Lefebvre, was coming home from work when his vehicle's dashcam managed to catch the strange incident as it unfolded.

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A video of a driver appearing to sleep whilst at the wheel of a Tesla has raised eyebrows in the U.S.

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