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Your favorite sexual position is as personal and subjective as your favorite movie.

Everyone has a different choice, but certain ones rise to the top when you survey enough people.

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He had been holding onto it for nearly half a century.

But Thursday night, Adrian Pearce finally found out what was in the gift given to him by his ex-girlfriend when she dumped him.

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Teachers help cultivate the promise in every student that crosses the threshold to their classrooms, but some students come on -- maybe once in a career -- that surpass all expectations. A true genius. Someone that tests off the charts or can recite the entire periodic table.

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Celebrities creating their own lines of clothing, scents, makeup and other products is nothing new.

One would be hard-pressed to go to a department store without seeing numerous celebrity-backed brands.

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A recent study shows that women sleep more soundly with their dogs in bed with them than their partners.

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Santa has his helpers in the North Pole, and parents have their own little helpers right at home. Especially during the holidays, parents of little ones wish their their kiddos could actually be a little more helpful around the house, and with its new toy, Dyson has solved that problem.

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Hershey, Pennsylvania is known as the land of chocolate thanks to the chocolate company's founder, Milton S. Hershey. However, Sunday, the small town added a new accolade to its name after a hockey game broke records.

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