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When a Texas homeowner's cable went out during a windy day, he crawled under the house to try and fix things up.

To his immense surprise, he saw a few rattlesnakes living beneath his home and decided to all a snake removal service to bring them out.

When the snake removal service went under the house, however, they discovered the issue was far larger than the homeowner had imagined.

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Westend61/Getty Images

On today's episode of Things You Totally Shouldn't Do To Your Body, the BBC reports that a 51-year-old Chinese woman is lucky to be alive after injecting herself with a cocktail made of 20 different kinds of fruit.

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Lakesha Ball from Baltimore is now cancer-free, and she saw no better way to celebrate than by ringing the cancer-free bell after finishing her last treatment at the University of Maryland Proton Center.

A viral video shows a strong woman who fought hard and came out the other side as a victor and excitedly ringing the bell while letting out a dam of pent-up emotions.

And we're all feeling her feels.

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When a deranged gunman burst into a birthday party being held by the Martinez family in their home, things seemed very bad for all of them. Fortunately, they were saved by a hero: the family dog, who selflessly threw himself against the armed intruder and wrestled him to the ground even after sustaining several bullet injuries.

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Marvel, @acematrix0/Twitter

Are you a Marvel fan with hours of free time on your hands?

If you're a qualifying contestant, you can enter for a chance to win $1,000 by watching 40 + hours of every movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sounds like the ultimate dream job, and it could be yours. announced their contest for the true Marvel fanatic as we approach the long-awaited April 26th premiere for Avengers: Endgame, and they are looking for their own hero to binge-watch all the MCU films and live-tweet during the marathon while tagging @CableTV and #CableTV.

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North Carolina Zoo/Facebook

When winter is away, this 800-pound bison comes out to play.

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