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Far Right Rep. Tells Fox That House GOP's Biden 'Informant' Is 'Missing'—And People Did Not Hold Back

Rep. James Comer was widely mocked after telling Fox's Maria Bartiromo that they could not 'track down' their 'informant' who claimed Biden corruption.

Fox News
Fox News screenshot of James Comer

Kentucky Republican Representative James Comer was widely mocked after he claimed during a Fox News interview that a key "informant" on the Biden administration's alleged corruption has mysteriously vanished, casting a cloud of uncertainty over the GOP's ongoing probe.

During the interview, host Maria Bartiromo pressed Comer about the evidence he possessed pertaining to President Joe Biden's alleged corruption, specifically inquiring about the whistleblowers he had previously mentioned. She also sought information on an informant who had apparently provided the congressman with vital information.

Comer reluctantly admitted that Republicans have been unable to "track down the informant."

You can hear what Comer said in the video below.

When asked about the location of the whistleblower, Comer said:

"Well, unfortunately, we can't track down the informant. We're hopeful that the informant is still there. The whistleblower knows the informant. The whistleblower is very credible."

When Bartiromo asked him to confirm that the whistleblower is "now missing," Comer said Republicans are "hopeful that we can find the informant" because they are in the "spy business" and "they don't make a habit of being seen a lot."

He added:

"The nine of the ten people that we've identified that have very good knowledge with respect to the Bidens, they're one of three things, Maria, they're either currently in court, they're currently in jail, or they're currently missing."

Comer's remarks were swiftly mocked online.

Comer—who is the House Oversight Committee Chair—has recently made a series of startling allegations of unproven Biden family financial improprieties.

Comer accused the Biden family of "influence peddling" even though Comer's claims do not directly implicate Biden himself.

These claims were the impetus for statements made last week by Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who in an interview with Bartiromo failed to provide proof of what the Bidens are "getting paid for" and called upon the power of inference.