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GOP Senator Roasted For Begging People To 'Infer' Evidence About Biden Family Without 'Proof'

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson admitted 'you’re not going to get necessarily hard proof' against Hunter and other Biden family members during a Fox Business interview.

Fox News screenshot of Ron Johnson; Hunter and Joe Biden
Fox News; Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images for World Food Program USA

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson has stirred the political pot once again by urging the American public to piece together the puzzle surrounding President Joe Biden and his family themselves without any "hard proof."

The impetus for Johnson's call to action can be traced back to House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, who made a series of startling allegations of unproven Biden family financial improprieties.

Comer accused the Biden family of "influence peddling" even though Comer's claims do not directly implicate Biden himself.

But when asked by Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo to provide proof of what the Bidens are "getting paid for," Senator Johnson called upon the power of inference.

You can hear what he said in the video below.

Johnson said:

“On the bank records, you’re not going to see ‘bribe to change this policy.’ You have to infer what’s happening here. You’re not going to get necessarily hard proof but there’s such a huge body of evidence."
“We had in September 2020, it was all ignored, it was all denigrated. It was all called Russian disinformation. It’s the same playbook of the Democrats. The same playbook of the media that wants to prop up and cover up for the Bidens.”

Social media users were quick to mock Johnson for conceding the GOP does not have "hard proof" to merit their claims.

The Senate and House, while lacking the authority to formally indict or levy federal charges against individuals, find themselves constrained in their ability to take decisive action.

Nevertheless, Senator Johnson emphasized the crucial role of the Oversight Committee in collating and organizing pertinent information, ultimately funneling it towards the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Johnson went on to express his skepticism regarding the media's response to the "overwhelming" evidence he and Senator Chuck Grassley had previously presented.

Even after admitting there was no hard proof to justify his statements, Johnson still attacked the media, suggesting it would dismiss the evidence, claiming a lack of tangible proof of criminal activity.