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Pro-Trump Lawyer Claims 'Lizard Squad' Uncovered Murder Plot Involving Supreme Court Justice And People Have Questions

Pro-Trump Lawyer Claims 'Lizard Squad' Uncovered Murder Plot Involving Supreme Court Justice And People Have Questions
Stephen Chernin/Getty Images; @LLinWood/Twitter

If you thought Joe Biden's election would slow the flow of oddities coming out of Donald Trump's orbit, think again. The weirdness has reached startling new heights in recent days.

Most notably, pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood, who is claiming—unironically, near as anyone can tell—a so-called "Lizard Squad" has uncovered a truly diabolical plot on the part of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts involving murder and other egregious crimes.

Wood has been tweeting about the supposed plot for the past several days.

Wood alleges the so-called "Lizard Squad"—a team of hackers who ran afoul of the law when they crippled several online gaming platforms back in 2014 and 2015—hacked into the world's "'elite' intelligence agencies," such as the CIA or the UK's MI6.

Wood claims the Lizard Squad is now in possession of video evidence it is using to blackmail Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

The videos Wood believes to be in the Lizard Squad's possession supposedly show Roberts murdering a child as part of a child rape and murder ring.

Wood's claims seem to be a part of the pervasive QAnon conspiracy theories—of which Wood seems to be a devotee.

His Twitter bio cites the group's #WWG1WGA hashtag, a statement of QAnon solidarity which stands for "Where We Go One We Go All."

QAnon alleges the entire world is run by a cabal of pedophiles and child murderers that includes everyone from Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton to the Queen of England and Madonna. QAnon devotees believe Donald Trump is actively working to thwart the cabal, which many adherents believe is composed of a race of demonic "reptile-human hybrids."

Wood's latest allegations against Chief Justice Roberts come on the heels of accusations he leveled over the New Year's holiday that Roberts was also involved in a plot to murder fellow Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away in 2016 of natural causes.

As you might expect, Wood's unhinged tweets blew many people's minds on Twitter—and inspired no shortage of jokes.

Wood has worked on Trump's attempts to overturn the recent election, including an unsuccessful petition to the Supreme Court to halt the Senate run-off being held tomorrow in the state of Georgia.