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Guy Gets A Shock After Thinking He Booked A Trip To Sunny Australia—Only To Land In Montana

Kingsley Burnett was looking forward to his vacation to Sydney, Australia—but wound up in Sidney, Montana.

Kingsley Burnett and Carol Castellano

Booking a vacation can be really exciting. It is, for many, the first time their upcoming trip feels real.

So imagine you are super excited to go on a fun vacation in sunny Sydney, Australia where it's currently Summer but instead you end up in Sidney, Montana where it's very much Winter.

Imagine the disappointment.

This sad turn of events is exactly what happened to one shocked New Yorker.

Kingsley Burnett thought he was booking a dream vacation to Sydney, Australia where he planned to spend time at Bondi Beach.

But he made one crucial mistake when booking his flight.

You can watch news coverage here:

As expected, many of the comments poked fun at the situation and at Burnett.

Some people thought the mix-up seemed like something you'd see on a TV sitcom.

Oh Hallmark Channel romcom.

And apparently this is not the first time this sort of issue has happened.

In an interview, Burnett talked about how the mix-up happened due to similar airport codes.

He also shared when he realized he'd made a mistake.

“I saw a mountaintop covered in white snow. At that point, I knew I was in trouble.”
"It’s a matter of acronyms. The S-Y-D as opposed to S-D-Y. Somebody has to fix that.”

Burnett went on to talk about how he made friends with the American Airlines staff member who helped him make things right.

“For Carol, it was not a paycheck. It was a human being she was dealing with.”
“Montana didn’t have kangaroos. It had Carol. And that was good enough for me.”

Luckily Burnett was able to reschedule his trip and will be trying again to make it to Australia in June.

Hopefully this time he gets to see some kangaroos.