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Oregon Man Who Was Skeptical Of Vaccine Changes His Tune After Spending 102 Days In Hospital

Oregon Man Who Was Skeptical Of Vaccine Changes His Tune After Spending 102 Days In Hospital
KGW News/YouTube

Howard Breidenbach from Oregon was a skeptic of the COVID-19 vaccine until he spent a painstaking 102 days in the hospital on ventilators.

He told KGW 8 News:

"30% survival rate and I survived."

He stayed at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. For about three weeks he was barely conscious.

Breidenbach recalled:

"I thought I was dead."
"I couldn't even remember my birthday."
"Couldn't remember my name."

You can see news coverage here:

Breidenbach is now back in his home in Myrtle Creek, but he sadly lost his business.

He was planning to retire from his trucking business in about five years but during his time in the hospital they had to shut everything down.

Breidenbach said he used to have doubts about COVID before he caught it himself:

"This is a conspiracy, just a flu they're overinflating."

Now, he's sharing his story so other non-believers think twice about refusing the vaccine.

"I agree with them, they should have their choice."
"But at the same time, what freedom do you have in the grave, besides to be worm food?"

Breidenbach is back with his wife, Tonya, at home but he remains on oxygen.

During the interview with KGW 8 News, he was unable to suppress the lingering cough.

"The COVID cough never goes away."

Breidenbach's county of Douglas is only 55% vaccinated.

When asked what the response to his story has been, he said:

"The reaction I really don't care about."
"It's that they heard the message and at least did consider it."

He really wants this issue to be taken out of politics:

"Right and left, red and blue...we're still all neighbors."

His story is being spread on social media.

Breidenbach is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and he hopes his story encourages others to do the same.