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Millennial Reveals Things Her Gen Z Coworker Has Taught Her—And We're Taking Notes

TikToker @bailshenry typed out a list of all the valuable things her Gen Z coworker taught her about to help inform other Millennials—and the results are hilariously endearing.

TikTok screenshots of @bailshenry

A Millennial on TikTok has gone viral after revealing the valuable advice and information imparted upon her by her Gen Z coworker.

*Retrieves Lisa Frank notebook and pencil from oversized handbag*

TikToker Bailey (@bailshenry) typed—yes, typed—a list of things she learned over the summer, and honestly, the whole thing is pretty adorable.

The 33-year-old creator began:

"So, I'm a Millennial. I'm in my 30s. It is what it is."
"But I still feel young-ish most days. I often say I still feel 19."
"Well, wouldn't you know it, this summer, I worked with a precious 19-year-old who's a rising junior at the University of Mississippi."
"And she taught me a thing or two—number 1: I am NOT 19."

She continued:

"The youth are often in the know about a lot of things. And as a Millennial, I don't hang out with a whole lot of 19-year-olds..."
"So I wanted to share the things she taught me to help other Millennials if you deal a lot with Gen Z."

Bailey then pulled out her neatly typed list and started with number 1: the super-cheap Chinese online retailer DHgate.

"First things first, DHgate."
"Now, that's not a generational thing, that's just being like an in-the-know thing, and usually, the youth are in-the-know."
"I did not know. I had no idea what DHgate was. I do now."
"Off the top of my head...seems illegal. Off the bottom of my head... \we don't care."

Next on the list was kicks.

"Specifically in college towns, there's a great divide."
"There are the Golden Goose girlies, and then there's the Air Force 1 girlies. Because you don't wear heels to the bar anymore."
"And you're in a're either in the Golden Goose camp or the Air Force 1 girl camp. And there's a big difference, and you just are what you are."

Third was the status of A-list influencers Alix Earle and Sofia Richie.

"Alix Earle and Sofia Richie are very important."
"And to me as an outsider, it seems Sofia Richie is a Golden Goose girl and Alix Earle is an Air Force 1 girl."
"I don't know what I'm saying, but it feels right."

At number four, we had "just words."

"They use just words."
"'Sus.' Does that mean suspicious? I still don't know."
"'Mid.' 'Felt,' or 'felt that.'"
"The vibe is so 'mid' here. Like mediocre. I don't know why they can't just say I'm not having a good time."

And rounding out the top five in part 1 was Snapchat.

"Snapchat is everything."
"You don't ask for someone's phone number. So you say, 'What's your Snap?'"
"And then apparently friendships and relationships die on Snap."

You can watch the first TikTok below.


Part One #genz #millennialsbelike #cheugy

Millennials in the comments had a lot to say, mostly about Golden Goose.

They were definitely not sold on these newfound sneakers.






But they did need a part 2.

And Bailey delivered, first letting Millennials know they're borderline outdated.

"Millennials, us, we walk a very thin line of being 'cheugy.'"

"Cheugy" is defined as "a pejorative description of lifestyle trends associated with the early 2010s" that is often described as "the opposite of trendy" and "trying too hard."

But Bailey doesn't care.

Next, the TikToker tackled dating.

"Dating is grim. Gen Z-ers, oh bless their hearts."
"I wouldn't trade places with them for anything in the world. I truly wouldn't. Snapchat, to recap, it has ruined communication [and] flirting."
"The day after I posted that video I was in Target and I heard a child on the phone—which I didn't think that they did anymore—and she said, 'If you were in my Snap, you would know.'"
"So, get in their Snap!"

Bailey then commented on Gen Z economics.

"They're little hustlers, and they're very capable, which leads into, like, kinda the economy."
"They haven't seen great economic examples, especially in the United States, in the durations of their short, youthful lives, so they're just going for it. They're just living."
"Credit card debt what? Homeownership who?"

Number 9: They keep their toes to themselves.

"They don't wear open-toed shoes. They think it's very vulnerable to show off your toes."
"I find that cute and endearing."

And here we are, guys. Number 10...but it made Bailey a little sad.

"Gen Z, they're not super close to their parents."
"I'm not saying that it's a broad [experience], but a good bit of them are not really close to their families, and that makes me sad."

You can watch part 2 below.


Replying to @jaimesonk Part 2!

Viewers expressed their gratitude for Bailey's highly entertaining impartment of knowledge.






Thank you for your social media service, Bailey.