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DeSantis Roasted With Bad Lip Reading Of His 2024 Campaign In Hilarious Viral Video

The YouTube channel skewered the Republican presidential candidate with bad lip readings in a spoof campaign video.

Ron DeSantis
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just got the Bad Lip Reading treatment and left the internet in stitches.

The Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel is known for roasting politicians and pop culture figures in music and sports by intentionally dubbing poor lip-readings in video clips for comedic effect.

The latest person of interest was DeSantis, who is struggling to gain support for his sputtering 2024 presidential nomination campaign and is trailing by about 30 percentage points behind his GOP campaign rival, former Republican President Donald Trump.

The channel's description indicated DeSantis was attempting to rebrand himself with a "bizarre new campaign ad."

You can watch DeSantis For President–A Bad Lip Reading, here.


A montage of clips showed the homophobic governor at various rallies and political events doling out non-sequiturs, effortlessly synced to his lip movements.

"You know what you can eat? Covid" he "says" from a crowd after a previous segment showed him being served a plate of burgers and fries at a diner.

"Mmmm, hungwee" he said, like a famished child.

From behind a podium, DeSantis told event attendees, non-threateningly.:

"Why don't you slowly step into a freight train? I would like that."

In another scene, a small group of people huddled around him as DeSantis informed them:

"There is a discharge over there, and it turns out, I've lost of gallon of flesh."

The random musings kept coming and were increasingly getting ridiculous–which is a normal day at the office for the parody channel.

The most obscure comments seemingly tumbling out of his mouth included mutterings like:

"At night, fingers can taste kind of dark."
"We grow awful things down there at the beach."

He also shared his penchant for liking "trains" as well as "Corgis that are British."

When he was seen returning to the podium at another event, he told supporters:

"Sorry, I had to go fecal."
"My freak lump got fractured."

"Yes I suckle toe beans," he shared at another gathering, adding:

"But I really need a pleasure glove."

The clip ended with a curious incantation heard earlier.

"Wicka wicka puddin' pie."

The phrase was adopted as the tag for his presidential slogan.

Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

The internet was howling over BLR's latest entry.

Bad Lip Reading is always good for a laugh, especially in times like these, and this video was no exception to curing our political blues.