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Taylor Swift Fan Goes Viral After Becoming Security Guard Just To Be Able To See 'Eras Tour'

Nashville accountant Davis Perrigo couldn't score tickets to Swift's tour, so he decided to become a security guard for the event—and became a viral sensation.

TikTok screenshots of security guard and Taylor Swift

People are doing everything in their power to score tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

Nashville accountant Davis Perrigo, for one, went as far as to get a second job... but not to for the extra cash to purchase tickets.

Unable to secure tickets to Swift's tour stop in Nashville, Perrigo decided to go another route to get into Nissan Stadium where TSwift broke attendance records three times already.

His strategy?

Perrigo applied to be a security guard at the event.

And he got it! Perrigo was able to enjoy the concert closer in proximity to the "Lavender Haze" singer than any paying attendee, to boot.

Of course, he was not able to film while on the job, but other concert goers were so impressed by Perrigo's enthusiastic singing, footage of him quickly went viral.

You can see a video posted by one TikToker below.


Loved this video one of my listeners Leah sent where a security guard gives Taylor a run for her money at one of her Nashville shows! #taylorswift #taylornation #swiftie #swifttok

The video has been viewed more than 7.8 million times already, drawing quite the attention to the Swift-loving security guard.

Perrigo's story even got a spot on NewsChannel5 in Nashville.

Viewers of both the TikTok and the news segment all agreed Perrigo did it right.

And others wished so badly he could've turned around for at least a song or two.

In his interview with NewsChannel5, Perrigo revealed even his wife is impressed by his enthusiasm.

"My wife jokes that I sing Taylor Swift songs with such passion for someone who's never been broken up with."

While Perrigo noted the viral nature of the video is "out of control," he will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be front and center for TSwift.