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Couple Craving Fast Food Decides To Create Their Own Hilarious Drive-Thru In Their Kitchen

Couple Craving Fast Food Decides To Create Their Own Hilarious Drive-Thru In Their Kitchen
One family made a drive-thru in their home (Nate Crowley)

After craving a takeaway burger but being unable to get one due to lockdown restrictions, one couple created a drive-thru experience in their kitchen.

Nate Crowley, and partner Ashleigh, from Walsall, England, had just moved to a new house when the UK was placed into lockdown, as the Government imposed tight restrictions on people leaving their homes.

One evening, after they could not face cooking, the couple used the leftover boxes from the move to create a drive-thru and filmed the result.

Mr. Crowley told the PA news agency:

"We were feeling really isolated, exhausted by balancing work and childcare, and pretty bleak because of Twitter's tendency to catastrophe."
"We'd been cooking every night, but when Saturday came we were knackered. We were trying to gear ourselves up to make something, and I just said: 'You know, I could properly just go to a drive-through for burgers tonight,' and that's the one thing we 100% can't do."
"To which Ashleigh countered by suggesting we just do it anyway, but indoors."

TallieThe drive-through was a hit with their two-year-old daughter Tallie (Nate Crowley)

"So she went to the corner shop to pick up some microwavable burgers, and I started making the drive-thru."

He even made some promotional signs for his pretend drive-thru.





The activity was originally intended to amuse two-year-old daughter Tallie.

"Being pushed around on the kitchen floor in a box is one of her favorite entertainments anyway, so that was an instant win," Mr. Crowley said.

"And she finds it hilarious when I pop into view through a window, so she was really into the drive-thru."

"Although she did shout in protest when I spilt Frosties on the floor."

Twitter was pretty into it too.

We can't wait to see what people come up with next!