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Mike Lindell Laments 'There's People That Actually Still Think Biden Won' In Deranged Interview

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That Joe Biden won the 2020 election is a provable fact. It has been accepted by the majority of Congress, judges and both Republicans and Democrats across the country.

Nonetheless, former President Donald Trump—who has never been too cozy with the truth or acknowledging his many failures—has been spreading the lie the election was "rigged" and stolen from him.

This lead some Republicans who believe Trump above all else to storm the Capitol on January 6, forcing many Republican officials to briefly disavow Trump's rhetoric.

After several months, however, Republicans have flocked back to kiss the ring of Trump, who still has many supporters in the remains of the Republican party.

One conservative who never lost faith in President Trump is businessman Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow.

Lindell's faith in Trump is so strong that—during a recent interview—he was shocked there was anyone who actually believed Joe Biden won the election.

Twitter had to admit they were a little less shocked than Lindell.

Lindell, like Donald Trump, seems to have a very loose relationship with fact-based reasoning.

Since almost 8 million more Americans voted for Joe Biden, most of them were pretty easy to convince they voted for him.

Lindell's antics have gone from funny to disturbing in the minds of many online.

Even Steve Bannon has had trouble accepting Lindell's claims.

Though the founder of MyPillow is always eager to appear on television, one can only hope his viewers are taking him less and less seriously.