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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Brutally Roasted After Getting Permanently Banned From Twitter

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Brutally Roasted After Getting Permanently Banned From Twitter
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Not even the world's best pillow could cushion this blow. Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow and infamous sycophant to former Republican President Donald Trump, has been permanently banned from Twitter.

The move by Twitter came Monday night due to his role in spreading baseless conspiracy theories about election fraud in the November elections.

And, as per tradition, Twitter is mercilessly roasting the disgraced CEO with a wave of pun-laden schadenfreude.

The suspension comes on the heels of a new policy by Twitter, put in place in response to the coup attempt at the Capitol on January 6, that subjects users to a permanent ban if they repeatedly traffic in election disinformation.

Twitter has not specified which of Lindell's tweets resulted in his ban, but in a statement to CNN, Twitter said Lindell was kicked off the platform due to "repeated violations of our Civic Integrity Policy." That policy forbids the use of Twitter "for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in the elections or other civic processes."

Like Trump himself, Lindell has repeatedly used Twitter for precisely that purpose. He frequently echoed the false claims about election fraud that Trump used as a basis for multiple failed attempts to overturn the November election, and to incite the January 6 coup attempt.

Lindell also trumpeted debunked conspiracy theories about the Capitol insurrection itself, claiming that the melee was the fault of members of Antifa disguised as Trump supporters.

And just days before Democratic President Joe Biden's inauguration, Lindell was also spotted meeting with Trump at the White House, carrying a printed plan for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and use a declaration of martial law to delay the inauguration and retain the office of the presidency.

To many, the Twitter ban seems a fittingly ignominious result of a face-planted attempt to install a dictator, and a white-hot, pun-laden roast of Lindell quickly ensued.

A social media ban isn't the only repercussion Lindell is facing, however. Dominion Voting Systems, the company at the center of the conspiracy theories about the November election, is threatening to sue Lindell for his false claims.

The company has already filed suit against a bevy of Trump-aligned media outlets and individuals, including a $1.3 billion suit against attorney Rudy Giuliani.