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MyPillow CEO Roasted After Announcing The Launch Of His New Social Media Company

MyPillow CEO Roasted After Announcing The Launch Of His New Social Media Company
Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Trump devotee and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is once again the laughingstock of the internet.

This time, it's because he's attempting to launch a new social media company to compete with the ones that told him and his friends they have to foment their fascist coup attempts elsewhere.

The platform, to be called Vocl, is meant to be a YouTube/Twitter hybrid, according to Lindell.

The roasts of Lindell's new venture began rolling in practically the moment the news hit the internet.

Lindell, like former Republican President Donald Trump and several other of his devotees, was kicked off of Twitter in January for amplifying Trump's baseless claims of election fraud in the 2020 election inciting a deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

And, like Trump et. al, Lindell has repeatedly sought to cast his banning from Twitter as a suppression of free speech and censorship, instead of a private company making a simple free-market business decision due to public outcry and repeated violations of their terms of service.

Lindell's trafficking in election fraud lies and conspiracy theories on social media has also led to a $1.3 billion lawsuit against him by Dominion Voting Systems, which Lindell and others have repeatedly accused of rigging the voting results in Democratic President Joe Biden's favor.

Lindell's Vocl, which will launch in the coming weeks, aims to remedy all this supposed silencing of ultra-conservatives like himself.

As he told Business Insider:

"It's not like anything you've ever seen... It's all about being able to be vocal again and not to be walking on eggshells."

Some have wondered if Vocl might become a rival to apps like Gab and Parler.

Those apps have drawn an incredible number of Trump devotees, fascists, neo-Nazis and other far-right figures in the wake of people like Trump and Lindell being banned from mainstream social media platforms.

Whether it succeeds or not, Twitter had an all-out roast-fest of Lindell's new venture.

No word as yet on how Vocl will protect Lindell from future lawsuits for spreading bald-faced lies on social media. Maybe they'll work it out in beta testing?