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MyPillow CEO Throws On-Air Tantrum After Retailers Drop His Products Over His Support Of Capitol Riot

MyPillow CEO Throws On-Air Tantrum After Retailers Drop His Products Over His Support Of Capitol Riot
Right Side Broadcasting Network

MyPillow CEO and key Trump supporter Mike Lindell found himself, once again, on the receiving end of some serious public scrutiny. Just days after being photographed at the White House carrying documents that encouraged martial law, Lindell had an on-air meltdown during an interview.

Right Side Broadcasting Network personality Brian Glen had Lindell on his show to discuss the end of Trump's presidency—or, more to their point, how an end to Trump's presidency might be avoided.

Lindell found out retailers were dropping MyPillow products in response to his support of the Capitol riot just moments before the segment, leaving him agitated.

It absolutely spilled over on-air.

Things started with Mike Lindell calling watchdog group Sleeping Giants "the most evil people on the planet." The group encouraged advertisers to stop advertising on far-right programs.

He then went on to claim the group has been hired to attack multiple companies, including his.

First he lamented the loss of Bed Bath & Beyond as a vendor.

"I just got off the phone with Bed Bath & Beyond, they're dropping MyPillow. Just got off the phone not five minutes ago. Kohl's, all these different places."
"They're scared at like a Bed Bath & Beyond, they're scared. We were good partners, in fact I told them 'you guys come back any time you want.' "
"But it's not their fault that they're scared, cause they don't realize these are fake people."

His appeal to business owners trailed off into more Dominion voting machine conspiracy theory.

"If you're a business owner out there, don't believe in those little bots and trolls. This is the evil left. This is the evil, crazy, left deep state or whatever it is."
"This isn't a politician thing of Democrat, Republican. This is what - part of the thing attacking our country. This is the communism coming in basically. And they hired the best to attack us."
"And, and I have friends of mine that, um, they're getting, um, they've been gone after by the 'machine people! These Dominion and these SOS - SAS machines or whatever."
"They're threatening to - or they did, I think? They're going after -but you know what? Ha! That's great!
"I welcome them to come after me because I got all the evidence then we'll finally see it, right?"

The host responded "absolutely."

Mike Lindell then claimed he talks to Trump disavowed attorney Sidney Powell at least twice a day and ramblingly explained their conversations. Most of the 1:48 second clip is sentence fragments and filler words.

Here he is discussing Sidney Powell's "promise."

"She promises she's gonna keep fighting until we, until everybody knows about this. Machine fraud."
"And that other countries took this election from us.
"And that's my promise to everybody, too. There is no way we're- and she, you know she uh - do we get down?"
"Well sure we get down like everyone cause you're, ya know, if, ya know, I'm going, I had to tell Sidney we can't, we live with no fear."
"We only fear the Lord. That's all we can do. And we, ya know, we've done, we keep doing, if there's something else that comes in I do it."

Lindell then claimed he did his own math with his own numbers, which is how he knows the election was fraudulent.

In the final clip, the two men float their idea Donald Trump might remain President beyond Joe Biden's inauguration. Lindell agreed it's possible and offered parting words to that end.

He encouraged everyone to pray for Trump and not to be depressed.

He also claimed the truth would be revealed, the inauguration may be null and void and God didn't come all this way just to lose.

"Yep, yep. I want everyone out there to keep your prayers up for the President. But I will say this: 100% the truth will be revealed."
"And when it is, we don't know what happens then. So, ya know, don't, I don't want everyone out there being so depressed that, OK, what if nothing gets done and this guy just, it's not —that inauguration then would be null and void."
"I mean, it's not even real when it was done under suspicion that when this is revealed—and it will be, I give everyone my promise. It will be."
"We didn't come all this way, and God didn't do all, ya know, fighting all this evil, to lose. This is gonna be amazing."

Twitter found it amazing, alright.

Lindell likely doesn't need to worry much.

As news of retailers dropping MyPillow spread, right-wing figures began encouraging their followers to purchase products directly.

A quick Twitter search shows the movement is doing fairly well.