For a lot of people intimacy and sex are so connected that you can't separate one from the other. This article isn't about those people - though they might find it to be an interesting read.

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Authorities in the Netherlands are launching a massive investigation after an incredible discovery in a sleepy little village.

The villagers were shocked when a confused and disheveled stranger walked into the pub, drank five beers and then asked for help.

They had no idea what they were about to find out.

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@lfcgigiddy1122 / Twitter

Prepping for your own death is an impossibly difficult task that people around the world take on every single day.

For most of us, that might mean making funeral plans, checking that life insurance is in place, leaving final instructions, etc.

For Shay Bradley there was one extra step - pulling off his greatest prank ever.

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@mollondra / Twitter Hulton Archive / Stringer / Getty Images

Encouraging your wedding videographer to get creative and have some fun just might end up making you Twitter famous.

At least that's what happened to one couple after their daughter posted a clip of their wedding video featuring some adorable, yet uninvited, guests.

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Have you ever found yourself in an argument so stupid and/or pointless that you were sure you were being punked? Like you keep looking away from the other person to check your suroundings for places Ashton Kutcher and a camera crew could come popping out of?

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Guillem Verges / Getty Images

Having your food tampered with is terrible.

But is it worth going to the police over?

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Wedding planning can be stressful even if you and your intended agree on everything.

That stress is compounded when differences of opinion or vision come up.

It's compounded even further when you refuse to budge and the difference leans on an insecurity.

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