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Amazon Driver Floored After Supervisor Sends Him Home For Stopping To Take A 'Doo-Doo' While On The Clock

Amazon Driver Floored After Supervisor Sends Him Home For Stopping To Take A 'Doo-Doo' While On The Clock

An Amazon delivery driver sought guidance from TikTokers to reach former CEO Jeff Bezos after he made an unexpected pit stop to relieve himself during his shift.

To put it bluntly, the driver had to pull over and go take a "doo-doo"–which is apparently a no-no for Amazon delivery drivers who are on the clock.

In his TikTok video, Amazon driver IAGT JUICE—@iagtjuice3—asked viewers:

"Anyone who could get me in touch with Jeff Bezos, please do it immediately."

The text overlay in the clip read:

"I got sent home from work for this."

What for exactly?

Well, according to the TikToker, he claimed he was sent home "for taking a sh*t, Jeff."

In case viewers missed it the first time, he laid it out once more in baby speak.

"I got sent home for taking a doo-doo, Jeff."

You can see the video here:


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IAGT JUICE said he was at a gas station to pick up some snacks and a beverage for his shift and wound up having to use the facilities because he started experiencing "stomach pains."

After making his emergency delivery at the porcelain drop-off, he said he saw his supervisor who was “posted up” at the gas station.

The supervisor apparently asked him why he was "wasting time" while on the clock and if he had to use the facilities, why didn't he do so at the warehouse.

The driver explained he didn't need to go at that time.

The clip–which racked up over 79K views so far–concluded with him saying:

"Moral of the story, I got sent home for taking a sh*t. So please, Jeff, contact me. Holla at me."

TikTokers weighed in with their thoughts.





Some questioned the amount of time necessary for him to use the bathroom.



Others found the supervisor's decision was very telling of the company they work for.




Joking aside, Amazon has faced scrutiny before for its working conditions.

In 2018, undercover journalist James Bloodworth reported on the harsh working conditions at an Amazon warehouse located in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

Some of the workers who pick up deliveries at the warehouse admitted to having urinated in plastic bottles because the bathroom was too far away.

They were afraid of losing their jobs or of being reprimanded for idling on the job.

The use of plastic bottles as a portable commode by Amazon workers was also mentioned in a 2020 article.

Former Amazon delivery driver James Meyers, from Austin, Texas quit after one year of working for the company, citing the demanding workload and poor working conditions.

He told the Guardian:

“I saw no effort on Amazon’s part to push delivery service providers to allow their drivers to use the restroom on a normal human basis.”
“Any time a van is off route or stops for longer than three minutes, it notifies the delivery service provider."
"Amazon encourages the delivery service owners to cut down on said stops."
"I would personally get called by a dispatcher every time I stopped to go to the bathroom."
"Sitting on the phone with them made the stop take longer. It just wasn’t worth the angry looks in the morning or the worry I’d get fired.”