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Newsmax Forced To Cut Off MyPillow CEO For Pushing Election Conspiracies—And It's *Chef's Kiss*

Newsmax Forced To Cut Off MyPillow CEO For Pushing Election Conspiracies—And It's *Chef's Kiss*

Newsmax is rapidly gaining a reputation amongst news programs as a far-right hub of misinformation. The network is even farther right than Fox News—which Trump supporters have all but abandoned due to their refusal to validate Trump's unsubstantiated efforts to undermine the results of the 2020 election.

However, even Newsmax was forced to be more on top of their content as of late. They face potential lawsuits due to their reporting Trump and the GOP's conspiracy theories and outright lies about voting machines.

The voting machine companies targeted by those lies are making it clear they intend to fight back.

It was because this threat of financial liability that Newsmax was forced to cut off MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell as he began to spout conspiracy theories again devoid of evidence on air.

Fellow Trump supporter and Newsmax host Sebastian Gorka cut Lindell off.

As Lindell attempted to launch into bogus voting machine claims, Gorka swiftly interjected.

"I don't want to get into the minutia."

Trump's lawyers have attempted to overturn the election results several times with no success.

In response to his wide gamut of losses, Trump accused everybody from Tucker Carlson to Amy Coney Barrett of being members of some "Deep State"—a wide network of conspirators who are in Trump's and his supporters' minds working illegally to secure the defeat of Donald Trump.

As opposed to over 7 million people from across the United States voting for President-elect Joe Biden.

As Biden's inauguration and the end of Trump's shield from criminal prosecution draws closer, Trump has employed more and more strategies to try and overturn the results.

Fortunately, without any evidence of voter fraud at all, none of these strategies have worked. More and more people have been eliminated from Trump's core team as he continued to blame his own downfall on others around him.

It seems lawsuits and indictments at the state level are likely awaiting Trump as he leaves office.

Hopefully in a post-Trump era, media like Newsmax will be held accountable for spreading lies and conspiracy theories.

While people may find the lies blowing up in Trump's and his supporters' faces, there are real world consequences for the people and companies they target.