We've always known Lady Gaga was stan-worthy (that's love and devotion for those not up on the lingo), but this one incident will bring her to another level in your brain.

While performing in her Las Vegas show Enigma, Gaga accidentally took a spill off the stage that was pretty scary to behold.

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Photo by Mark Sagliocco/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds has never been one to sit down and not take a stand for what he believes in, as anybody who follows him on Twitter undoubtedly knows.

Nor has Reynolds shied away from talking about his family on social media.

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Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Gabrielle Union's stepchild Zion was praised earlier this year for openly marching in Miami Pride with his stepmom and family.

Zion, who has always been accepted and loved by their family on social media, was recently at the center of an internet troll's unsolicited comments, to which Gabrielle had the best response.

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The Simpsons/Fox Broadcasting Company

The Simpsons has a penchant for prophecy.

After already accurately predicting the presidency of Donald Trump, fans have had their eyes peeled to see what else The Simpsons has accurately prophesized.

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@fin_costick/Twitteryacobchuk via Getty Images

Sleep recorders are supposed to be helpful simply in catching sleep apnea so a doctor can effectively treat it.

But unfortunately, you can't control all your bodily functions while you sleep, as @fin_costick found out the hard way.

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@GrantGinder/TwitterBill Holden via Getty Images

Happy [belated] National Coming Out Day!

Those of us who have had to come out know the interesting hills and valleys we navigated when expressing our sexuality back in the days before we fully embraced who we were.

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Parents have been through it all before--something kids forget.

And they try so hard to start keeping their lives a secret....so so hard. But, they most often fail.

Why? Because, they haven't been through it before.

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