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'MyPillow Guy' Dragged For Ranting That 'People Will Go To Prison' For Biden's Georgia Win

'MyPillow Guy' Dragged For Ranting That 'People Will Go To Prison' For Biden's Georgia Win
Right Side Broadcasting Network

One of Trump's most vocal defenders throughout his first and last term in office has been Mike Lindell, known to conservative media viewers as the CEO of MyPillow.

Lindell can often be seen hawking his products during commercial breaks on far-right media outlets like Newsmax and Fox News, but his support for Trump has elevated him to the status of a conservative influencer.

Lindell heavily promoted the botanical drug oleandrin as a promising cure for the virus that's killed nearly 300 thousand Americans, despite no evidence of it being a viable treatment.

Now, he's amplifying Trump's lies that widespread voter fraud tipped the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden, promoting the wildly false claim that Democrats and moderate Republicans coordinated with voting software companies to change millions of Trump votes to Biden votes.

These lies are searingly relevant in Georgia, which went blue this election for the first time since 1996. Trump falsely insists that he actually won the state but that Georgia's Republican governor, Brian Kemp, is "hiding" something and won't issue a signature audit—something he doesn't have the legal authority to do.

This disinformation has led to Trump supporters threatening violence against government and election officials in the state.

At a Trump rally in Georgia this past weekend, Lindell falsely claimed that so-called enablers of this nonexistent fraud would soon be in prison.

Watch below.

Lindell echoed Trump's calls for Kemp to call a special session of the Georgia legislature in order to replace Georgia's current slate of electors with new Trump-loyal electors. They do not have the legal authority to do this.

Lindell said:

"How do you not put people in prison? They will be going to prison."

The fantasy of incarceration Trump's supporters have for those who won't subvert election results once again generated mockery.

Some thought Lindell's appearance was reminiscent of a WWF promo—screaming spectators and fake conflicts included.

On Monday, a federal Judge in Georgis dismissed pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell's case to de-certify Georgia's election results.