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MyPillow CEO Tells MAGA Marchers That Fox News Was 'In On' Election Steal In Bonkers Rant

MyPillow CEO Tells MAGA Marchers That Fox News Was 'In On' Election Steal In Bonkers Rant

As the Electoral College met on December 14 to make Joe Biden's November victory official, President Donald Trump's supporters have been railing against reality.

Unfounded conspiracy theories continue to spread through conservative circles, many encouraged by the President himself.

Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, appeared at the "Million MAGA March" in Washington D.C. on Saturday, December 12, and revealed the President's super secret enemy:

Fox News.

Lindell ranted to the crowd:

"Why do you think Fox declared Arizona with only 14 percent of the vote in?"
"They already knew what they did."
"They were in on it. I'm serious. They had to be in on it."

The businessman continued blasting out bizarre conspiracy theories, saying:

"Last night I talked to (Kraken-slayer attorney) Sydney Powell and she put right now it's in the Supreme Court—Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia—and that's the real lawsuits."
"That the stuff Texas had was not the one that we were all working on."

Even far-right conservatives seemed to have a problem with Lindell.

He blasted Fox News while continuing to pay them big advertising dollars.

Lindell's tirade only became more unhinged and less coherent as it went on.

"I'm going to tell you what really happened the night of the election, OK, what they're not telling you, what they are hiding…on election night at 11:15, all the algorithms that were set across our country, in the machines where Biden got like 1.2 votes for every vote and our president got like .66."
"When that happened all of us voted—it was probably 80 million votes came in for our great president—and because of you, guess what, they all broke the algorithms in the machines so there wasn't enough time in Wisconsin."
"Almost all the votes were in, so they had to stop the election because he would have won the election because of the fraud."

Lindell's logic doesn't even seem to align with his own actions.

Though the crowd was fairly receptive to Lindell's claims, it ultimately doesn't matter where Republicans point their fingers of blame or what wild conspiracies they concoct.

The reality is Joe Biden won the 2020 election.