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The CEO Of MyPillow Spoke At Trump's Briefing And Went Off Script With A Bizarre Religious Rant About Trump's Election Being Divine Intervention

During his daily press briefing on the global pandemic spreading through the U.S., President Donald Trump decided that one of the most important things to show America was the My Pillow guy singing Trump's praises.

Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, took the podium at the White House to speak of how his company has begun producing equipment like masks for medical workers at the request of the President.

He then went off script, making a religious plea for Americans to read the bible and saying God gave us grace through Donald Trump.

It should come as no surprise Lindell is a prominent donor and supporter of the Trump campaign.

CNN decided to cut away during Lindell's speech (probably a wise decision).

Just bringing him to the forefront of the conference was strange, but then Lindell decided to start improvising.

Is this the real world?

Or is this just some kind of strange dream?

It's odd how many Americans were likely exposed to Lindell's speech as part of the White House's official response to the virus.

To be fair, Lindell's company is doing genuinely good work by producing crucial PPE to help fight the pandemic.

That having been said, his presence at Trump's press conference and his religious overtures to the administration, weren't necessary during an official briefing for a secular government.

It's hard not to draw the conclusion that Lindell was invited to speak during an official press briefing because he's donated to Donald Trump.

If you're nice to Donald Trump, he's nice to you.

That's how America is being run.

Perhaps someday White House press briefings will once again be used to convey rational fact and calm reason.