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Eric Trump Dragged After Calling His Dad From Stage To Tell Him He Loves Him Only To Get Awkward Reply

Eric Trump Dragged After Calling His Dad From Stage To Tell Him He Loves Him Only To Get Awkward Reply

A video of Eric Trump calling his father–former President Donald Trump–during a political rally to tell him how much he and America love him has gone viral, and it's all about the on-brand response he received.

Friday's event at a church in Canton, Ohio, was part of the ReAwaken America Tour–a far-right, pro-Christian, anti-mask, pro-Trump speaking tour with other scheduled speakers like broadcaster Alex Jones and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Another guest listed as a speaker is the brainchild of this tent revival tour, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, the former national security aide to Donald Trump who was pardoned by him after Flynn pleaded guilty for lying to the FBI about communicating with a Russian asset.

During the rally, Eric–who once admitted his family wasn't "smart enough to collude with Russia"–reached out to his father and sang his praises.

“You know what, Dad, there is so much love in this room for this country and for you and everything you accomplished," he said, much to the delight of the MAGA crowd chanting, "Trump, Trump, Trump."

He continued:

“And, um, I speak on behalf of every single person here: They love you, I love you, we’re proud of you.”

The response Eric got from his father–which you can hear, below–was typical of a narcissist.

Without reciprocating the love, Trump replied through Eric's phone on speaker mode:

“Well thank you very much, and everybody enjoy yourselves and have a good weekend, and I’ll be in Ohio soon and I’ll see you all.”

Another clip preceding the moment he called his dad, indicated Eric listed his father as "POTUS" on speed dial.

The executive vice president of the Trump Organization continued being dragged for filth.

Ahead of the two-day event, pastors in Ohio affiliated with Faith in Public Life–a nationwide network of clergy and faith leaders who address social justice issues–voiced their concerns about the far-right rally.

According to Yahoo, Reverend Lynn Bozich Shetzer of North Canton said:

“A call for white Christian supremacy in our nation is antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ that not only proclaims but demonstrates the love and justice of God for all people."
"The anti-vaccine message proclaimed by Flynn and his associates is dangerous, deadly and false."
"There is nothing Christian or even patriotic about it. As a person of faith who is trying to follow Jesus, I must speak out in protest.”

The Rev. Dan Clark, Ohio director of Faith in Public Life, added:

“Our society will flourish when we open our arms wide to the dignity of all people and live together in a multiracial multi-faith democracy."
"But the extreme views of the ReAwaken America tour misappropriate my Christian faith and spread dangerous information about who’s in and who’s out. We need to stand up and stand together to resist this hijacking of our democracy.”

The Canton Rep reported that over 3,000 people–including visitors from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New York–flocked to attend the event.