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Eric Trump And Ted Cruz Outraged After People Jokingly Suggest Canceling 'Paw Patrol'

Eric Trump And Ted Cruz Outraged After People Jokingly Suggest Canceling 'Paw Patrol'
Rob Carr/Getty Images, Nikelodeon, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

2020 has been an incredibly strange time, but very few expected June would bring Eric Trump and Ted Cruz's vocal defenses of the children's program Paw Patrol.

Protests around the globe have erupted in response to systemic racial bias by law enforcement and police brutality.

While mainstream focus on racist police behavior is at an all-time high, several programs including the long-running reality show COPS have been removed from television.

In the midst of these cancellations, PAW Patrol, an animated children's program featuring a puppy police officer, offered their support for the protestors on Twitter.

This lead Twitter, ever prepared for the next irreverent joke, to begin calling for the cancellation of PAW Patrol, often in pretty extreme terms.

The memes calling for Chase's removal from television were innumerable.

Of course, if there's a joke you can count on Eric Trump not to get it.

He responded to the viral meme by claiming liberals everywhere wanted to bring down PAW Patrol.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz also proved equally clueless and stoked ire amongst his conservative base who probably also didn't get the joke.

Sure enough, before long many were online trying to defend PAW Patrol from the imaginary mobs demanding its cancellation.

The truth is that no action against PAW Patrol has been announced.

On Twitter, many couldn't stop laughing at the section of the internet who took their meme seriously.

Meanwhile, there are many other more important problems that need addressing.

If you, like Eric Trump and Ted Cruz, are a massive fan of PAW Patrol, don't worry! It doesn't look like Chase is going anywhere any time soon.