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Post Malone's Visibly Stunned Response After Heckler Yells 'You Suck!' To His Face Is All Of Us

The rapper and singer was greeting fans and signing autographs outside a concert venue when the heckler struck.

Post Malone

He may be criss-crossing the globe on a world tour, but not everyone is a fan of rapper and singer Post Malone, as a recent viral video seems to suggest.

During a meet-and-greet with fans during a stop on his Twelve Carat Tour, Malone was heckled by a bystander who hurled insults and profanity while filming him.

The incident happened while Malone was signing autographs, and his stunned reaction to the insults is instantly relatable. See the moment below.

The video, which was first posted to TikTok by user @maxmiller9921, shows Malone happily interacting with fans as the person filming, who appears to be a teenage boy, suddenly begins yelling insults. He can be heard saying:

"Post Malone. You a b*tch! You suck! You a b*tch, you a b*tch, Post Malone sucks."

Throughout the altercation Malone seems genuinely shocked and upset by the kid's words. His mouth drops open and he stares slack-jawed, at one point saying, "That's rude."

It was just one of several mishaps that have plagued the tour so far. During a show in St. Louis, Missouri, Malone fell into an open trap door in a part of his stage, face-planting and appearing to injure himself. After lying on the stage in a daze for a few moments, he had to be helped offstage by medics.

Days later, Malone was forced to cancel a show in Boston after he was hospitalized for breathing issues believed to be related to injuries he sustained in the St. Louis fall.

And as if that weren't enough, during an Atlanta show last month, he twisted his ankle onstage. This poor guy can't catch a break!

Perhaps given all that, the heckling is the least of his worries, but his fans on Twitter definitely didn't take the insults lightly.

Malone has five more shows in the US before heading out to the tour's international legs in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully people are a little nicer on the other side of the world.