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TikTok Outraged After Groom Plays Cruel Swimming Pool Prank On Bride In Viral Video

Many TikTokers felt like the wedding day prank was a huge red flag for what was to come after it was shared on the ViralSnare TikTok page.

Groom pranking his new wife on their wedding day

With the wedding industry being as big as it is, brides and grooms are always looking for ways to make their special day unique.

But sometimes the unique factor goes way too far.

One happy couple decided to do something fun after their wedding ceremony. To commemorate their new life together, the couple decided to show they were "taking a leap of faith" together by jumping into a swimming pool.

Only, when the bride dove into the pool, the groom let go of her hand and walked away, laughing at her expense, while the bride was alone in the pool, struggling against the bridal gown that was floating up around her.

Audible groans and words of concern could be heard at the end of the video, instead of the laughs the groom was likely expecting.

You can watch the video here:


That prank was brutal🤦🏻‍♂️😂 #viralsnare #brideprank #weddingtiktok #weddingprank

Some TikTokers were furious that the groom would prank his wife this way on their wedding day.








Other TikTokers were sure this was a sign that he wasn't "all in" on their marriage.





The video was an infamous hit with nearly 5000 comments about what the groom had done.

Fellow TikTokers were furious about the prank and made videos of their own.

One TikToker pointed out that true humor doesn't come at the expense of other people's feelings.


#stitch with @Shawnda exactly

Another TikToker, Life Coach Shawnda, was furious that this groom thought this was a reasonable idea on their wedding day.

She was also disgusted that this was becoming a pattern in weddings, with grooms humiliating their brides.


Why do you think some men get a kick out of humiliating their new wives on their wedding day? Is this innocent and harmless or something deeper? #weddingday #dating #couplespranks #datingtips #datingadvice @Shawnda

TikToker RJ Speaks responded directly to Life Coach Shawnda's video.

He was concerned at an undercurrent of abuse or toxicity that might grow in their marriage, based on whether this prank was considered acceptable behavior.


#stitch with @Shawnda #relationships #wedding #abusivehusband #pranks

While we might like to try to give this groom the benefit of the doubt, expecting that he probably thought this would be a hilarious, unique, and memorable moment on his wedding day, the prank certainly did not communicate what he thought it did.

Not only were people left questioning his commitment to the marriage, but where he saw a prank, others saw a man using his new wife's discomfort, and ruined wedding dress, as a means for entertainment.