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Mom Finds Herself In Hilarious Hours-Long Standoff With Son's Frog Who Escaped Into Wall

TikToker mom @brightsignlearning did everything she could to coax her son's frog out of a hole in his wall before finally turning to TikTok commenters for some sage advice.

TikTok screenshots from @brightsignlearning's video

A woman on TikTok is being hailed as "Mom of the Year" after enduring an excruciating and sleep-depriving nearly three hour standoff...with her son's frog Kermit.

TikToker @brightsignlearning documented the stakeout from inside a closet—attempting to be stealthy—and informed viewers of the situation.

She explained how she had told her son to play with his frog in his bathroom for a bit as he had recently lost a pet fish.

You see, in a separate but equally hilarious viral TikTok, @brightsignlearning revealed she how attempted to revive the family's goldfish Kai after he got stuck in some coral by giving him mouth to mouth. Given the role gills play in aquatic respiration, the success of the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was short was the fish.

Well, cut to the night of the viral TikTok, and the creator shared that within "literally three seconds" of her son playing, the frog jumps around on the vanity in the bathroom and into a construction hole in the wall...and Kermit was seemingly lost for good.

But this mom wasn't going to let her son lose another pet.

So she put out the frog's bowl and set up a trap with a cricket inside, played cricket sounds on Google as she "prayed to Saint Anthony."

After about an hour, @brightsignlearning updated viewers:

"I've been in the closet for an hour."
"The frog is prairie-dogging out of the hole, which obviously means I can't go to bed."
"I gotta wait this out."

She then panned to the construction hole where, as she stated, the frog was poking its head out of the wall.

You can watch below.


I am over 1 hour into a legit stand off. #frog #momlife #longnight #momsoftiktok #fyp #standoff

Needless to say, people were invested in this story and needed to learn the fate of Kermit.



And one viewer had a suggestion the creator was willing to try - turning out the lights.


@brightsignlearning posted an action-filled follow-up after more than two hours waiting for Kermit.

She shared how she had attempted in various ways to lure Kermit out of the hole with a cricket, but after multiple failed attempts, she just let the cricket loose and hoped for the best—and it, naturally, also disappeared.

After about two and a half hours, the creator said she read some comments as she was waiting and decided to use someone's suggestion about turning off the lights.

Almost immediately, she swore she heard Kermit in his bowl.

@brightsignlearning turned on the lights, and sure enough, there was Kermit in all his glory, sitting on the edge of his bowl. Of course the determined mother grabbed the frog as quickly as she could and rushed to place him back in his terrarium.

In all the kerfuffle, her son woke up to celebrate his mom's rousing success.

You can watch it all unfold below.


UPDATE- Frog in the wall! #momlife #frog #standoff #rescue #momsoftiktok #fyp

Invested viewers were ecstatic to learn Kermit made it out of the wall.





Several commended the TikToker for her devotion.





And we concur.

After all that, @brightsignlearning gave an update on Kermit, saying he got a new tank and is a 'different frog' following his harrowing ordeal.


Kermit is a different frog than he was 4 days ago… #frogtiktok #frog #momlife #update #influencerfrog #fyp #petsoftiktok

Hopefully Kermit is on the mend.

Well done, mom!