The impeachment inquiry revolving around President Donald Trump's various potential high crimes and misdemeanors entered the next phase with open hearings in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

As Wednesday morning's hearing streamed live on C-SPAN, CBS and other major channels across America and the world, the historical testimony was not enough to keep Trump's second eldest son's attention.

Eric Trump and House press secretary Stephanie Grisham scoffed at the hearings and called them "boring."


Even though the President has labeled the whole affair "a witch hunt," there were no wizards and warlocks going head to head out on the floor to entertain his son.

William Taylor–the top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, and George Kent–the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee, giving the public a glimpse into the proceedings that have previously been behind closed doors.

After Taylor testified that there was a direct "quid pro quo" between military aid to Ukraine and investigations to gain a political advantage for Donald Trump, Eric Trump gave his review of today's hearings with the hastag: #Snoozefest

"This is horribly boring..."

He added:

Aside from the fact that clown shows are not boring, Trump's tweets followed Grisham's earlier reference to the "sham hearing" as a "colossal waste of taxpayer time & money."

The internet ruthlessly mocked Eric Trump's intelligence for his uninspired tweet.

Trump was redirected to a more G-rated version of the horror show.

But this case is taking too long to crack.

Washington Post journalist Amy Gardner suggested that the proceedings' "boring" description might be a tactic to divert Republican viewers' attention from the testimony.

Former Obama speech writer Jon Favreau wrote:

Those insightful enough got into Trump's brain to tap into his rationale.

Others spelled things out for him.

Today's hearings closed with House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff vehemently clarifying that he did not meet with the whistleblower who first contacted the staff at the House Intelligence Committee before sending the complaint to the White House.

Schiff said:

"Some of my colleagues made a statement repeatedly that I've met with the whistleblower, that I know who the whistleblower is."
"It was false the first time they said it, false the second time and it will be false the last time they say it."

Today's hearing lasted nearly six hours.

Later, the House Intel committee reconvened on a vote to table the motion proposed by Republican member Mike Conaway to subpoena the whistleblower to testify. Thirteen Democrats voted "yes" and nine Republicans voted "no."

You awake there, Eric?

The next hearing with the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, is scheduled for Friday, November 15, 2019 at 9 a.m. ET.

The book Figuring: My Don Jr. Picture Book by Eric Trump is available here.


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