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Eric Trump Is Getting Roasted Hard After Mixing Up His Cliches While Trying To Call Out Democrats On Twitter

Eric Trump's attempts to back up his father on social media have taken yet another clumsy turn.

President Trump has been especially active on Twitter lately, but not because he's reaching out to the millions of Americans affected by the global pandemic.

Oh no. He's intent on spreading completely untrue conspiracy theories about his political opponents. Of course, there's nothing President Trump can say that his sons won't herald as genius.

But Eric isn't exactly doing his dad any favors.

Trump's ridiculously mixed expressions felt like something right out of an Eric Trump parody.

Countless Twitter users mocked Eric's new aphorism by coming up with some of their own.

Everyone would love to hear Eric's brilliant take on the latest Trump scandal, if only we could understand him.

Several people noted Eric's eloquence must run in the family.

Eric Trump wants nothing more than to inspire supporters with his words...but today is not that day.

Could someone please check Eric's tweets before he sends them?

It seems all the Trumps know the best words. If only they could learn to use them in the correct order, they might start to make some sense.

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