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Eric Trump Criticizes The Media For Not Focusing On His Dad's 'Corn Kernel Poll' Results

Fox News; @MOM6C1M/Twitter

President Donald Trump's second son with ex-wife Ivana Trump, Eric, made an appearance on the couch with the smile and nod crowd at Fox & Friends.

But on a day when Fox News was reporting his father's disapproval rating was at an all-time high and news of an economic downturn was everywhere, what was foremost on the middle Trump son's mind?


Corn kernels to be precise.

Rather than report on the economy or the aftermath of White nationalist domestic terrorism or the alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein or anything else really, Eric Trump felt the number of corn kernels the only Republican option presented at the Iowa State Fair for their "corn kernel poll" should be the lead story.

Watch him lodge his complaints here.

To be fair, Eric wasn't the only one who thought corn kernels in jars were his daddy's biggest accomplishment of late.

However someone always has to rain on their parade with stuff like math.

Most people found little sympathy for Eric's outrage.

The 1984 film Children of the Corn, based on a Stephen King short story, is available here.

You can watch the full breadth of brilliance shared by Eric Trump here.

Eric Trump accuses media of ignoring Trump's popularity at Iowa State Fair