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Eric Trump failed miserably at pouring himself a pint of fresh Irish stout while visiting Ireland.

Eric and his elder brother Donald Trump Jr. went on a pub crawl in the small Irish town of Doonbeg, County Clare which also serves as the location for the Trump International golf resort and hotel.

The Trumps have a tab at the local pub, according to CNN.

Its owner Hugh McNally claims he is a distant cousin of U.S. President Mike Pence.

The Trump brothers were welcomed behind the bar where they began pouring pints of fresh stout to an adoring crowd.

But the ones served by the third child and second son of Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana didn't have the acceptable amount of liquid to foam ratio.

What a travesty.

A photo of Eric pouring himself a Carlsberg lager went viral, with many frothing at the mouth over the lousy pour.

Eric may see his glass being half-full, but in reality, his competence skills are anything but optimistic.

This user called Eric's attempt at pouring a Guinness something that can trigger a "national incident."

To be fair, not everyone knows the proper way to pour a pint of fresh Irish stout. But if the Trump's were representing, they should have known better than to be oblivious about serving locals a glass full of foam.

According to Guinness's website, the acceptable method is the "two-part pour."

"First, start with a clean, dry glass. Pour the Guinness Draught into a glass tilted at 45 degrees, until it is three-quarters full. Allow the surge to settle before filling the glass completely to the top."

At home, however, the rules are different.

"At home, you should let the can chill for at least 3 hours before pouring the contents of the can into a large glass in one smooth action."

Threats were made.

A study in contrasts revealed an unsettling observation.

However, some connoisseurs sided with Eric and declared that it is nearly impossible to have a perfect pour in a large-head glass.

Some of the patrons arrived after rumors of the Trump brothers making an appearance circulated. Some showed up with American flags and MAGA hats.

The appearance was considered a rare occasion as the Trumps visited the area less frequently since Donald Trump moved into the White House.

After the pub became crowded with media, the brothers were whisked away through the backdoor from the kitchen and ushered into their black SUVs.

The tab, of course, was sent up to the Trump resort, as it typically is at the end of the night.

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