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Donald Trump's youngest daughter Tiffany took a lavish spring break vacation priced at $23,000.

And it came right out of the pockets of U.S. taxpayers.

The 25-year-old Georgetown Law School student stayed in Serbia from March 7 through 16. According to the purchase order filed by the State Department to a U.S. contracting database, the $23,000 was spent on hotel rooms in Belgrade "in support of Tiffany Trump travel."

Quartz noted that President Trump and his immediate family, including four of his children, are eligible for Secret Service protection while he remains in office. The bill includes travel and lodging accommodations for all agents accompanying them.

The Square Nine hotel where Tiffany stayed offers 30 rooms with the nightly rate averaging from $300 to $1,600 a night.

Advance teams chose the location for her due to the convenience of its close proximity to the 19th-century bohemian quarter.

In the purchase order, Tiffany was classified as a VIP and a Senior High Level US Government Principal "traveling with a delegation inclusive of support elements in: Security, Logistics, Communications, Logistics and Operations."

She posted a photo from the capital of Serbia on Instagram, captioning it in Serbian:

"Greetings from Serbia."

The State Department document did reveal an oversight by classifying Tiffany as a member of the "USG," which stands for "U.S. Government."

Contrary to the designation she is not a government official.

It is a mistake since she is among three of Trump's adult children (herself and her half-brothers Donald Jr. and Eric) who do not work under the administration.

Business Insider believes she traveled with her boyfriend, Michael Boulos, a London-based finances student who was raised in Nigeria.

There is no confirmation on whether or not Boulos stayed with her at the Square Nine Hotel.

He also posted a solo picture from Belgrade.

Taxpayers, meanwhile, are incensed over covering for the first daughter's luxury travel expenses.

Business Insider/Facebook

Business Insider/Facebook

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