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It's been 30 years since a Democrat was elected to a Senate seat in Arizona, but with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema's victory over Republican Martha McSally, the winning streak for conservatives has been broken.

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Donald Trump, the President of the United States, mixed up the Baltics and the Balkans, accusing the former of starting a war caused by the latter.

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At a recent Q&A; interview to promote his new film, Green Book, Viggo Mortensen dropped the N-word. During a discussion on race in America, Mortensen was pointing out the hopeful progress when he said,

"For instance, no one says n***** anymore."

The incident was reported by Dick Shuls, a freelance director who was present at the Q&A.; He tweeted about the comment and the reaction of the audience, which seemed to be one of discomfort and silence.

Mortensen took responsibility for using the word.

"In making the point that many people casually used the 'N' word at the time in which the movie's story takes place, in 1962, I used the full word. Although my intention was to speak strongly against racism, I have no right to even imagine the hurt that is caused by hearing that word in any context, especially from a white man. I do not use the word in private or in public. I am very sorry that I did use the full word last night, and will not utter it again."

Mahershala Ali, who is co-starring in the movie alongside Mortensen, issued his own statement, accepting the apology.

"However well-intended or intellectual the conversation may have been, it wasn't appropriate for Viggo to say the n-word. He has made it clear to me that he's aware of this, and apologized profusely immediately following the Q&A; with Elvis Mitchell. Knowing his intention was to express that removing the n-word from your vocabulary doesn't necessarily disqualify a person as a racist or participating in actions or thoughts that are bigoted, I can accept and embrace his apology."

The incident divided people on Twitter.

The two stars were promoting their movie "Green Book" which is about a black pianist and his white driver dealing with the deep seated racism in the Jim Crow era south.

The movie will receive a wide release on November 21st, 2018.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter

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