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The folks who helped birth some of the best content on popular pages like George Takei now offer, for your consideration, Comic Sands.

Because, like sand, our coverage gets into just about everything—we've got all you need and a lot of what you didn't know you needed.

Our content serves the audience of George Takei and beyond, providing our readers news with commentary from a progressive perspective, so whether it's trending news, trending non-news or viral Twitter takedowns—we've got all you need, and a lot of what you didn't know you needed.

Come for the ride, stay for the post-mortem. Unless you're chicken.

Comic Sands is an Oh Myyy property. Oh Myyy LLC is co-owned by George and Brad Takei (through Hosato Enterprises, Inc., a California corporation) and The Social Edge Network, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, whose principal stakeholders and officers are Lorenzo Thione (CEO) and Jay Kuo (CCO).

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When you're members of the first family, you can't simply walk out into a crowd of people without telling anybody! That's exactly what Michelle and Malia Obama did, however, on one very important night in American history. In her new memoir Becoming, the former first lady tells the story of how she bonded with her daughter by flouting the rules and sneaking out of the White House for an evening.

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If you've been around long enough, you've probably seen all the classic optical illusions. A teacher in Canada, however, was drawing some poppies to celebrate remembrance day with her classroom when she did the unthinkable: she accidentally created a new one!

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Fox 8 New Orleans

The first note came on Friday reading, "You're a terrorist." The second arrived Tuesday saying, "I will kill you." It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but it's something that happened in a real 5th grade class.

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Thank dog, we're saved!

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Twitter: @Tarun Shukla, @karnkajit

Another day, another privileged white person showing their true colors.

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You just never know where the things you carry might lead you someday.

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