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'Bridgerton' Star Leaves Fans Stunned After They Discover Just How Old She Actually Is

Nicola Coughlan, who regularly plays teenaged roles, opened up to 'Harper's Bazaar' about the scrutiny put on female actors as they age—and fans were shocked to learn she's actually 37.

Nicola Coughlan
Jed Cullen/Dave Bennet/Getty Images

There are a lot of conversations circulating about the differences between how Millennials and Gen-Zs are aging, but another hot topic will always be how some celebrities never seem to age a day—even when it's been decades.

Paul Rudd and Winona Ryder are popular examples of this on the big screen. A popular current example in TV shows is Bridgerton leading lady Nicola Coughlan, previously well-known for her role on Derry Girls.

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