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Comedian Epically Trolls GOP Candidate Who Wants To Make The Bible The 'Basic Textbook' In Schools

Comedian Epically Trolls GOP Candidate Who Wants To Make The Bible The 'Basic Textbook' In Schools
@jasonselvig/Twitter; @TheGoodLiars/Twitter

Comedian Jason Selvig—part of the conservative-skewering comedy duo The Good Liars with partner Davram Stiefler—got Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate Ralph Rebandt to agree to an interview to discuss his Evangelical Christian centered campaign platform.

The interview—one of several—was recorded while MAGA minions gathered for a Trump rally in Washington Township, Michigan.

Rebandt has stated he wants the—probably King James edition—Christian Bible to be "the basic textbook in schools.” The pastor turned politician claims books with pornographic content are taking over secular public schools and need to be replaced by the Bible.

Of his campaign, Rebandt told Selvig:

"I’m bringing God back into culture, because I’m convinced that if we don’t get God right in this next election, nothing will matter."

The interview went sideways from there when Selvig reminded Rebandt of the salacious content in his preferred school textbook.

Both Selvig and The Good Liars shared the interview video on Twitter captioned:

"I interviewed a pastor running for Governor in Michigan who wants the Bible taught in schools. Things got awkward."


"Talked to a candidate for Governor and we’re pretty sure he wants to ban the Bible in schools."


Selvig noted the Book of Genesis, chapter 9, verses 30-37 is a story about two daughters who get their dad drunk and have sex with him.

As Rebandt had said no books with pornographic imagery should be allowed in schools, Selvig asked:

"You’re saying ban the Bible in school?"

Rebandt replied:

"No, I’m not saying ban the Bible in school."

But Selvig countered:

"You’re saying anything that has a pornographic image should be banned."
"And there are some images in the Bible about, you know, sex and incest and things like that."
"So it sounds like you’re saying we should ban the Bible."

Clearly flustered, Rebandt replied:

"What I am saying is that the Judeo Christian principles on which our country was founded need to be brought back into culture. And I can’t say it any more clearly than that."

To which Selvig quipped:

"If that means banning the Bible, so be it."
"Protect the kids."

As the interview ended, Rebandt was still trying to make Selvig understand how his hypocrisy made sense.

As with most of their content, people found Selvig's latest interview on point.

According to their website, The Good Liars "came together when they posed as investment bankers protesting the Occupy Wall Street movement. Together, they formed the 1%’s counter protest: Occupy Occupy Wall Street" to give an "outrageously blunt and honest voice to the silent 1%."

In 2016, they released the election docucomedy Undecided: The Movie which pranked every presidential candidate without regard to party or platform.

Some candidates handled it better than others.

Their latest project is The Supporters which gave the same treatment to the 2020 election.

You can watch the trailer here: