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Woman Mortified After Airbnb Host Texts Her To Tell Her She Left A Very *Personal* Item Behind

Woman Mortified After Airbnb Host Texts Her To Tell Her She Left A Very *Personal* Item Behind

Vacations are a time to unwind and let loose a bit. Even short vacations, when done right, can be rejuvenating and set us up to move forward from a calmer, clearer, place when we're back in the real world.

Assuming you don't die of embarrassment on the way back to that "real world," of course.

One Twitter user nearly did, but her incredible sense of humor has her sharing her story instead of fleeing to the countryside, changing her name, and starting life all over.

Kristen Arnett, a woman from Miami, went on vacation and stayed at an Airbnb. Getting away from it all is serious business—especially when you're a "Florida Woman"—so Ms. Arnett brought along some backup to help her really relax.

The backup she brought along, and evidently enjoyed, was her personal massager.

"Evidently" is defined as clear or obvious based on the evidence available. In Kristen's case the evidence we're referring to is the massager itself, which she accidentally left behind at the Airbnb she rented.


It wasn't on a nightstand or a bedside table, mind you. Kristen left that soldier exactly where it fell, wrapped up in the sheets of the bed.



But don't worry, the Airbnb host swooped into the rental to do their clean and reset just after Kristin checked out. Being prompt and on-the-ball means the host pretty quickly found Kristin's personal belongings.

That means Kristin hadn't been gone very long, so the host figured maybe she was still close by and texted Arnett about her left behind items.

That text, with a helpful visual included and an offer to put the item outside for Kristin to pick up, is how Ms. Arnett realized she'd left anything behind.

Oh God.


The host, ever helpful, even offered to store the sex toy for Mr. Arnett for her next stay.

Embarrassment isn't likely to be fatal—particularly for a Florida Woman (as one myself, I can assure you we develop an immunity to embarrassment as a survival adaptation)—but it still stings.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so Kristin opted to share her shame with Twitter.

Twitter loved this. Misery loves company, especially when company is willing to laugh right along with you.

Hopefully Kristen left a great Airbnb review all about the stellar customer service she was provided.